Thursday, August 25, 2011

Typhoon Lagoon

What better way to spend the dog days of summer than to go to one of my favorite water parks!Typhoon Lagoon has everything for the entire family. No matter the ages or if you are a thrill-seeker, this water park is an awesome way to refresh yourself.

Let me start by pointing out that this has been the most visited water park in the world. This past year, 2,038,000 visitors enjoy this amazing water park!

It has 56-acres of fun areas to really dip in the water. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in terms of cooling from the summer heat, or just contemplating reading your book-of-the-day, or just plain and simply you wanna relax, this park offers everything in spade.

Let’s see, for the relaxing crowd, there’s the Castaway Creek. This lazy river runs along the outer rims of the park (you can compare it to the little train that runs around magic kingdom). This river of 2100-foot in length will relax you in its gentle waters. Circling the park while passing thru caves, grottos, waterfalls, and sections with a rainforest look will certainly be a delight to everyone.

For the “I just wanna read my book” or the “I wanna feel like I am at the beach”, there’s the centerpiece to this water park, and also many people’s favorite area! A 109,000-square foot area called Surf Pool. It holds 3-million gallons of water. But the most unique thing about it is that it feels like if you are in a secluded island. Waves crashing by every 30min, it definitely feels as if you were at the sea, you’ll be checking just to see that you are really in a pool. And those who will stay at the shores, there’s sandy “beaches” around to just bath in the sun rays and toning down your bronze tan!

For those thrill-seekers in the family, there’s the Mayday Falls, which happens to be the longest slide in the park, passing thru caves and waterfalls. Also, Humunga Kowabunga shoots you down at triple speed slide to a splashing end! But if that is not enough, consider this, Crush ‘n Gusher is the equivalent of a roller-coaster or should I say water-coaster, making uphill and drops that will make you scream of delight! What about an encounter with sharks and tropical fishes in a coral-reef like environment with a sunken tanker that is also an observation deck area? That is exactly what Shark Reef is, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon hasn’t forgotten about the little ones. Ketchakiddee Creek has ten different playful areas that include slides, floating boats, waterfalls, and squirting animals. A small sandy beach is also in this area! Definitely made for the little ones in the family!

The “Cinderella Castle” of this water park is Mount Mayday, which raises the Miss Tilly boat 95-feet at the top. And that little horn you hear will tell you that a tidal wave of fun is about to come your way!

Don’t forget to enjoy the summer days in this amazing water park. Typhoon Lagoon is the place; don’t go from Orlando without visiting it!

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