Monday, August 15, 2011

Wild Florida Airboat Tours

An alligator on our tour!So my parents visited this week and the first thing they wanted to do was go see the alligators. We offered to take them to Gatorland but they were more interested in seeing them in the wild. So we went down to the lake front at night with a flashlight and looked around for some eyes. The only thing we found was a duck and mosquitoes. So we decided we would go on an airboat tour to ensure they got to see their Florida gator before they left.

We decided to go with Wild Florida for the airboat tour, since we had never been on this tour before. It’s the first time I have seen Cypress Lake before, so it was kind of a treat for me as well. If you don’t know what an airboat is let me explain. It’s this big, flat boat that has a massive fan on the back. Because it has no propeller in the water so it won’t get tangled in the weeds. It is the preferred method of getting around the thickly brushed Florida lakes. The best part is you can fit a ton of people on these things; some of them have room for fifteen or twenty.

Anyway, Wild Florida was great! These guys knew just where to look for the alligators. I am sure they know these alligators on a personal level… I mean they take visitors out to see them every day. But, the way these guys navigate the weeds is just awesome, they are definitely skilled. Best of all the guide answered all my fathers questions that I was probably supposed to know… after living here for so long.

If you want to tour the lakes this is the best place to go. I have been on a bunch of airboat tours and never seen a guide stop the boat so quickly to show us a snake any other passenger would have missed. Plus they had a really cool aviary that my mother was fond of!

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