Friday, September 30, 2011

The Magical Celebration of the Year!

Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme ParkWhere were you 40 years ago? Were you marrying the love of your life? Having your first born baby? Were you a teenager? Not born yet?

Well, this Saturday October 1st 40-years ago the doors to the most magical place on earth opened! That happen in 1971, and since then, it put on the map Orlando.

Walt Disney World started with one incredible theme park, Magic Kingdom, and has transformed over the years into four theme parks, two water parks and incredibly nifty hotels to stay, and the growth continues as more expansions are being thought to make Walt Disney World Resort a special place to vacationing!

So, for Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary celebration, Disney has been extremely top secreted about what they will do to make this important date significant and magical.

As the day approaches, little bit of information are being released. There would be a festive parade that runs at 9:45am going from Main Street Train Station to Cinderella’s Castle. Characters will gather alongside Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton including cast members that had been working for the company since 40 years ago.

A one-day-only commemorative T-shirt will be sold. That with merchandise that is related with the 40th anniversary will be sold, including ear-hats, pins, and balloons and other sought-after collectibles editions things that will be incredibly rare to find!

The park will be open at 9am and will be closing at midnight.

And to have a final goodbye to the day and to this special event, Disney has revamp its “Wishes” fireworks spectacle including “perimeter fireworks usually fired during special, after-hours events”!

We cannot wait to see what this incredible party brings, definitely will be the most magical party on earth, and one that will be talk for years to come!

See you at the most magical place on earth, Magic Kingdom, Saturday October 1st!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The NASCAR grill at Universal

NASCAR Sports Grill OutsideWhile picking up my attraction tickets at the office of Billy Boy’s Discount Tickets I managed to scoop up a coupon for the NASCAR Sports Grille inside Universal CityWalk in Orlando. It was a coupon for $5 off which was valid with $25 food, beverage, or merchandise purchase so you can believe I put the NASCAR Sports Grille on my go-to list. I decided to visit the Sports Grille with my wife after we were done visiting Islands of Adventure. In order to prepare for our feast we made sure our tummies were empty so we knew we can handle anything on the menu.

The Sports Grille is definitely a NASCAR haven. It had plasma screens practically around everywhere you look. If that wasn’t enough it even has a huge plasma wall where they show all the big races or big sports games going on. The Sports Grille was also filled with NASCAR memorabilia around every corner. I really didn’t want to sit on a table so we headed straight to the bar. Lucky for us, we also scooped up loads of 2 for 1 coupons on our visit to Billy Boy’s Discount tickets. Lets just say I really wish I had a taxi coupon too because I definitely had to call one in that day. I decided to go with good old Yuengling (draft, of course) and my wife went straight for the Long Island Iced Tea. I decided I was gunna go big or go home so for my meal I chose the “KING” Ribeye. My wife is a 105 lb health fanatic but her eternal weakness is ribs so she ordered the fall off the bone Rubbin’ is Racin’ BBQ Ribs without thinking twice. The food was so scrumptious that I couldn’t wait to take the next bite. It was like every bite I was taking was beating up my taste buds with flavor. It took us a while to gobble down our feast but we managed to finish everything on our plate (and in our cups).

Since I had the coupons I decided to leave a generous tip (the tip might have been alcohol influenced but who cares?!). I called in a cab and the Mrs. and I went straight home. If any of you folks decide are on City Walk I highly recommend stopping by the NASCAR Sports Grille. The drinks are priced nicely and there is nothing wrong with good food. It has plenty to offer for NASCAR or sports fans alike.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Avatar Land Coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Incredible news has been released by the company the mouse build, Walt Disney!

The immersive landscape created by James Cameron in the 2009 movie and top-grossing film of all time will be recreated with a little bit of tweaking by the imagineers at Disney. Avatar is the ultimate blockbuster, and this partnership with Disney seems to spark the visionary cells of this two giants.

As per the reports “Tom Staggs, Disney's chairman of parks and resorts, said the land would be similar in scope to Cars Land, a 12-acre area based on the town of Radiator Springs in Disney/Pixar's "Cars" movies. Cars Land is to open next summer at California Adventure Park in Anaheim.“

James Cameron at first wasn’t too sold out with the idea of partnering with Disney, but then changed his mind. In his words “I quickly realized that their vision for this thing is far beyond what I imagined,” he told reporters. “It was kind of thrilling that they wanted to do a land and really bring the world of Pandora to life“

To tackle in bringing James Cameron’s world into the real-world realm is an undertaken that will require workers in the area, and at the same time with a price tag of approximately $500 million surely have to be an impressive project for Disney.

The theme park that was chosen to be the house of this “land” will be Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Mr. Staggs commented about this “made it a natural thematic fit with Animal Kingdom, which designers always envisioned as including mythical animals in addition to living and extinct ones. “We just felt like Avatar was the perfect and most amazing mythical world we could think about exploring,” Staggs said.

However, this new land wont be available soon, here’s the official response from the leads in Disney “A precise date hasn't been set for completion of the Avatar attractions in Animal Kingdom, but an opening sometime in 2016 could allow Disney to capitalize on a fresh wave of fan interest in the ‘Avatar’ film franchise from the two sequels currently in development. Cameron said the tentative plan is to release the first sequel around Christmas 2014 and the second around Christmas 2015. “The timing seems to work out well in terms of the sequels,” Cameron said. “Really, what we need to resolve is how much of the elements of the second and third films are incorporated into the Avatar land.”

Stay tune as much more information is gather and shared. As the project starts to get from its infancy stage, to its design and its subsequent construction, we’ll show you the progress as it will be a great way to opening the appetite for what the imagineers have in store for us. Definitely will be a great addition to Disney and especially to the Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park! Disney has decided to up-the-ante and wake up to the knowledge that in order to maintain their status as the leader, Disney has to keep creating state-of-the-art and immersive lands that will entice crowds to visit their theme parks!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Horror Nights Experience

Halloween Horror Nights XXEveryone is scared of something and in my case that something is the dark. You can only imagine how I felt when my wife and I decided to go to Halloween Horror Nights 2010. To be honest, I refused to go no matter how my wife was trying to convince me. My good old buddy Rafael heard about my little dispute with my wife and he did what any good friend would do. He made fun of me. He even started insulting me and calling me names that didn’t make much sense to me to this day. For example, he said I was a ‘scurdy cat just like Mayflower’ and that if I don’t go to Halloween Horror Nights I would no longer have a ‘manhood’. I really didn’t understand more than half of his rambling but any insult from Rafael is a huge insult in my book so you can bet I took my behind to Halloween Horror Nights that year.

I arrived to Universal Studios with a good attitude and promised myself I wouldn’t make myself look my bad in front of my wife. I somehow ended in an area called Saws n’ Steam and didn’t think much of it at first. That was until I was running for my life when a psycho decided to chase me with a chainsaw! My wife was trying to insure me the chainsaw maniac wouldn’t hurt me but I’m Hispanic and my people don’t being chased down by any machine wielding freak. I wanted to go home after that but my wife warned me she would be very upset if we have to leave early. I don’t know about you folks but in my opinion there is nothing scarier than an angry woman. I decided to take my chances with the demented Universal Studios. My wife wanted to go to a haunted house so we made our way to the pleasantly named Catacombs: Black Death Rising. This is where my ‘manhood’ was being put to the test. The skulls and bones placed everywhere was already make me panic but at soon as the sick infested zombie looking creatures came out my day at Halloween Horror Nights was over. I left the entire premises and went straight home. My wife stayed behind with a friend who was also there as well and it didn’t take her long to realize that I left her at Universal Studios. When she got home, let’s just say that Halloween Horror Night was not over.

Now it is 2011 and my wife has warned me that we WILL go to Halloween Horror Nights this year and we will only leave when she says so. YIKES! Well I have done my research before doomsday draws near and to be honest it’s not looking good for me this Halloween Horror Nights. The theme this year will be revolved around Lady Luck and one of their mottos is ‘Nobody beats the house’. Sounds like good chances to me. With Scare Zones with names like Canyon of Dark Souls, Grown Evil, and Nightmaze you can bet I’m counting the days before I go to Halloween Horror Nights this year. The Haunted Houses also have attractive names like The Thing, Nightingales Blood Prey, and The Forsaken. Unfortunately for me I only named a few of the attractions that will be present this year and my wife has already made it clear that we will visit every single Scare Zone and Haunted House this year. If not, she said she will show me what a chainsaw psycho really looks like. I sure know how to pick the women huh?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fantasy Land Expansion Update

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train CoasterWe have been keeping a close eye on the expansion of Fantasy Land at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. They have slowly been releasing information and images/concept art showcasing the new rides and entertainment that is going in. But recently they just released probably the biggest addition to the list, a fly through video of the addition to the park.

This means we get a view of all the new stuff they have planned. Long story short instead of just having a list on paper we can now put the rides in their places and get a better view of how things are going to change. In fact when I visited the park a couple months back you could already see where they were getting down to business and starting construction.

In addition to this new fly through video there was also a computer generated video of what the new Snow White Mine Train Coaster is going to be. I gotta tell you I am really excited about these new additions, and the time till their arrival just keeps getting closer and closer. I can tell you right now that I will definitely be visiting the theme park when the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster opens.

This new expansion is what the Magic Kingdom really needs. For us Disney enthusiasts some new content is in order and all these new additions are just what we are looking for. I look forward to visiting the rides as the open one by one in the next year!

Friday, September 9, 2011

All New Show at Busch Gardens!

Get ready for one spectacular show that its being cooked at Busch Gardens in Tampa (Florida)!

The show will feature “a cast of 20 brings to life an all new adventure filled with world-class skaters, amazing aerial performances, master puppetry and live animal stars, with shows daily in the Moroccan Palace.”

Tony Award-winning designer Gregg Barnes have confectioned the costumes that will be used at the show. These brings awe-inspiring animals to life.

The story itself will be a hit with children and adults alike. It will be a 30-minute stravaganza will tell the story of a digital-savvy preteen that is proud to say that technology has made his generation more connected to the world; however, his grandfather – an old world explorer – takes him on an adventure around the world and shows him that he is more disconnected than he realizes.

The adventure takes them to settings like the African Serengeti, Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the Amazon Rainforest. All will immerse the guests in a multi-sensory performance full of color and vivid music and incredible grand scale stage that has that Broadway feel to it.

And the finale, promises to be an inspiring one. For the creators have created a signature song called “Meet the World”!

The show will have its first show on February 2nd 2012. the performances are included with any daily park admission or annual pass.

Certainly, we cannot wait for this show to come to Busch Gardens Tampa. Not only will have world renowned roller-coasters and other attractions, but starting February 2nd 2012, it will have a Broadway-like show that looks to be a delight to children and adults alike!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disney Quest

Pirates of the Caribbean, Battle for Buccaneer GoldSo my friends came into town for the weekend but planned to only stay until dinner. So they had a total of about ten hours to hang out with us and they wanted to do something fun in the Orlando area. Now ten hours really isn’t enough to get in the car and get to the Disney theme park, since a theme park takes a full day and they wanted to take us out to eat. So we decided we would head over to one of my favorite places, Disney Quest.

Disney Quest is a five story arcade with a bunch of awesome rides that get the whole family involved. This isn’t the kind of arcade where you walk up to a machine and start playing pong… which they probably have here. But my point is that the place is absolutely filled with interactive games. Unlike the Disney theme parks where you get on a ride and experience a world that they imagined, you get to actually interact with a world they created.

For instance, my favorite ride at Disney Quest is the Pirates of the Caribbean, Battle for Buccaneer Gold experience they have. You get 3D glasses and then you are ushered into a room with a screen that circles the entire room. In the center of the room is a ship that actually rocks back and forth when you walk across it. Around the edges of the boat or ship are cannons. You have a navigator that pilots and six gunners to fend off other pirates. Then you navigate around the ocean and capture gold from all kinds of boats, fortresses and hidden islands. It’s all great fun, and the best part is you have to work as a team to get a high score.

There are a variety of other great games at Disney Quest, from dinosaurs to flying carpets, aliens to making your own roller coaster, even racing nine other guests on the Daytona speedway! Disney Quest is a great experience, and it takes only about a half a day to complete… although staying for the whole day is just as fun! My guests loved it, and we all had a good time together.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Disney's Halloween Part Two

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween PartyFirst, it is the only time of the year where kids can dress up in their favorite costume and parade around the park (only children are allowed to dressed up). To make it extra special, Disney has included the help of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Cinderella Castle where girls can be dressed as their favorite princess or the boys as princes, and there's also A Pirate's League in Adventureland where boys and girls can dressed as Pirates or as Jack Sparrow (uh-Hum, Captain Jack Sparrow!).

Another awesome entertainment that only Disney does with so much flair is their Parades. Disney has named the parade that runs during the party "Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade", besides showing the usual Disney characters; it will be headed by the Headless Horseman! Of course nothing will be complete unless there's fireworks, and definitely nobody does it better than Disney! The Happy HalloWishes is a spectacular show where Disney Villains go "trick-or-treating" in the sky.

Between the music, the shows, and the Disney characters with their own "Halloween party" look, will immerse guest into the festivities and definitely will be a super delight for the younglings or the young-at-heart. plus, the kids will be doing trick or treating while being surrounded by Disney characters and in the most magical of all places, Magic Kingdom, so what more can be asked for!

Do not missed this opportunity of a lifetime, to enjoy this amazing party hosted by the most famous mouse of all, Mickey, in his Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!