Monday, September 26, 2011

Avatar Land Coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Incredible news has been released by the company the mouse build, Walt Disney!

The immersive landscape created by James Cameron in the 2009 movie and top-grossing film of all time will be recreated with a little bit of tweaking by the imagineers at Disney. Avatar is the ultimate blockbuster, and this partnership with Disney seems to spark the visionary cells of this two giants.

As per the reports “Tom Staggs, Disney's chairman of parks and resorts, said the land would be similar in scope to Cars Land, a 12-acre area based on the town of Radiator Springs in Disney/Pixar's "Cars" movies. Cars Land is to open next summer at California Adventure Park in Anaheim.“

James Cameron at first wasn’t too sold out with the idea of partnering with Disney, but then changed his mind. In his words “I quickly realized that their vision for this thing is far beyond what I imagined,” he told reporters. “It was kind of thrilling that they wanted to do a land and really bring the world of Pandora to life“

To tackle in bringing James Cameron’s world into the real-world realm is an undertaken that will require workers in the area, and at the same time with a price tag of approximately $500 million surely have to be an impressive project for Disney.

The theme park that was chosen to be the house of this “land” will be Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Mr. Staggs commented about this “made it a natural thematic fit with Animal Kingdom, which designers always envisioned as including mythical animals in addition to living and extinct ones. “We just felt like Avatar was the perfect and most amazing mythical world we could think about exploring,” Staggs said.

However, this new land wont be available soon, here’s the official response from the leads in Disney “A precise date hasn't been set for completion of the Avatar attractions in Animal Kingdom, but an opening sometime in 2016 could allow Disney to capitalize on a fresh wave of fan interest in the ‘Avatar’ film franchise from the two sequels currently in development. Cameron said the tentative plan is to release the first sequel around Christmas 2014 and the second around Christmas 2015. “The timing seems to work out well in terms of the sequels,” Cameron said. “Really, what we need to resolve is how much of the elements of the second and third films are incorporated into the Avatar land.”

Stay tune as much more information is gather and shared. As the project starts to get from its infancy stage, to its design and its subsequent construction, we’ll show you the progress as it will be a great way to opening the appetite for what the imagineers have in store for us. Definitely will be a great addition to Disney and especially to the Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park! Disney has decided to up-the-ante and wake up to the knowledge that in order to maintain their status as the leader, Disney has to keep creating state-of-the-art and immersive lands that will entice crowds to visit their theme parks!

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