Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Horror Nights Experience

Halloween Horror Nights XXEveryone is scared of something and in my case that something is the dark. You can only imagine how I felt when my wife and I decided to go to Halloween Horror Nights 2010. To be honest, I refused to go no matter how my wife was trying to convince me. My good old buddy Rafael heard about my little dispute with my wife and he did what any good friend would do. He made fun of me. He even started insulting me and calling me names that didn’t make much sense to me to this day. For example, he said I was a ‘scurdy cat just like Mayflower’ and that if I don’t go to Halloween Horror Nights I would no longer have a ‘manhood’. I really didn’t understand more than half of his rambling but any insult from Rafael is a huge insult in my book so you can bet I took my behind to Halloween Horror Nights that year.

I arrived to Universal Studios with a good attitude and promised myself I wouldn’t make myself look my bad in front of my wife. I somehow ended in an area called Saws n’ Steam and didn’t think much of it at first. That was until I was running for my life when a psycho decided to chase me with a chainsaw! My wife was trying to insure me the chainsaw maniac wouldn’t hurt me but I’m Hispanic and my people don’t being chased down by any machine wielding freak. I wanted to go home after that but my wife warned me she would be very upset if we have to leave early. I don’t know about you folks but in my opinion there is nothing scarier than an angry woman. I decided to take my chances with the demented Universal Studios. My wife wanted to go to a haunted house so we made our way to the pleasantly named Catacombs: Black Death Rising. This is where my ‘manhood’ was being put to the test. The skulls and bones placed everywhere was already make me panic but at soon as the sick infested zombie looking creatures came out my day at Halloween Horror Nights was over. I left the entire premises and went straight home. My wife stayed behind with a friend who was also there as well and it didn’t take her long to realize that I left her at Universal Studios. When she got home, let’s just say that Halloween Horror Night was not over.

Now it is 2011 and my wife has warned me that we WILL go to Halloween Horror Nights this year and we will only leave when she says so. YIKES! Well I have done my research before doomsday draws near and to be honest it’s not looking good for me this Halloween Horror Nights. The theme this year will be revolved around Lady Luck and one of their mottos is ‘Nobody beats the house’. Sounds like good chances to me. With Scare Zones with names like Canyon of Dark Souls, Grown Evil, and Nightmaze you can bet I’m counting the days before I go to Halloween Horror Nights this year. The Haunted Houses also have attractive names like The Thing, Nightingales Blood Prey, and The Forsaken. Unfortunately for me I only named a few of the attractions that will be present this year and my wife has already made it clear that we will visit every single Scare Zone and Haunted House this year. If not, she said she will show me what a chainsaw psycho really looks like. I sure know how to pick the women huh?

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