Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The NASCAR grill at Universal

NASCAR Sports Grill OutsideWhile picking up my attraction tickets at the office of Billy Boy’s Discount Tickets I managed to scoop up a coupon for the NASCAR Sports Grille inside Universal CityWalk in Orlando. It was a coupon for $5 off which was valid with $25 food, beverage, or merchandise purchase so you can believe I put the NASCAR Sports Grille on my go-to list. I decided to visit the Sports Grille with my wife after we were done visiting Islands of Adventure. In order to prepare for our feast we made sure our tummies were empty so we knew we can handle anything on the menu.

The Sports Grille is definitely a NASCAR haven. It had plasma screens practically around everywhere you look. If that wasn’t enough it even has a huge plasma wall where they show all the big races or big sports games going on. The Sports Grille was also filled with NASCAR memorabilia around every corner. I really didn’t want to sit on a table so we headed straight to the bar. Lucky for us, we also scooped up loads of 2 for 1 coupons on our visit to Billy Boy’s Discount tickets. Lets just say I really wish I had a taxi coupon too because I definitely had to call one in that day. I decided to go with good old Yuengling (draft, of course) and my wife went straight for the Long Island Iced Tea. I decided I was gunna go big or go home so for my meal I chose the “KING” Ribeye. My wife is a 105 lb health fanatic but her eternal weakness is ribs so she ordered the fall off the bone Rubbin’ is Racin’ BBQ Ribs without thinking twice. The food was so scrumptious that I couldn’t wait to take the next bite. It was like every bite I was taking was beating up my taste buds with flavor. It took us a while to gobble down our feast but we managed to finish everything on our plate (and in our cups).

Since I had the coupons I decided to leave a generous tip (the tip might have been alcohol influenced but who cares?!). I called in a cab and the Mrs. and I went straight home. If any of you folks decide are on City Walk I highly recommend stopping by the NASCAR Sports Grille. The drinks are priced nicely and there is nothing wrong with good food. It has plenty to offer for NASCAR or sports fans alike.

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