Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The art of Animation Part One

The Art Of Animation is coming to Disney!What would be the place where you can say that you'll feel "Hakuna Matata"? Where you can go "Ka-chow!" with your camera left or right and find the perfect spot for a family photo? Which place will make you feel "totally awesome dude!"? When you could you go "under the sea" in a party atmosphere that has no rival?

The answers to those questions are hints that lay in the new development within the Walt Disney World Resort. Probably you have heard the new revamp section of Fantasyland in Disney's Magic Kingdom, or perhaps the announcement of the Avatar-land in Disney's Animal Kingdom. However, the Walt Disney Company knows that with these incredible cool areas will bring lots of visitors and these will need a place to stay. Hence, the announcement of the new hotel Art of Animation!

The Art of Animation will be a complex of Four (4) different buildings. Each of those buildings will be dedicated to a Disney movie or a Disney-Pixar movie. One for The Lion King, another for Cars, next is Finding Nemo, and last but not least The Little Mermaid.

This is going to be an amazing project from start to finish. To "lick your paws" in anticipation, here are a few nuggets of information about this hotel:

It will sport the biggest pool in the entire resort area. Yes, you hear me right, the Biggest Pool! The pool will measure 11,859 sq. ft. and will have a design to tend for the big ones in the family to the little ones, and the theme of the pool will be that of Finding Nemo. Aside from this one, the complex will also have two other pools and a children's water play area.

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