Friday, October 7, 2011

LEGOLAND Preview Part One

The Dragon Rollercoaster at LEGOLANDSo with the big day coming up on October 15th LEGOLAND has been giving select people preview tickets to view the park before it opens. That means a few select guests get into the park before it’s even officially open. Lucky for me a friend of mine came into possession of one of these tickets and let me tag along for the ride. So, without further ado my visit to the LEGOLAND theme park, just a week before it opens!

As soon as we walked through the gates we were hit with some of the amazing things that the park has to offer. Massive twenty foot tall statues of dinosaurs and Lego characters are standing right at the entrance. Just behind them highlighting the skyline is the Island in the Sky tower, a massive spinning pavilion that gets lifted into the sky above the theme park on a massive blue metal arm. From on top you can see for miles and miles into the distance, but better yet you can see every inch of the LEGOLAND theme park from an aerial view. I wish we hadn’t waited till mid day to go on this cause it would definitely have helped with our navigation of the theme park.

As soon as you pass the Island in the Sky you come to a two story carousel surrounded by souvenir shops containing everything you can think of with a Lego theme. If you hang a right you will come face to face with my favorite ride, The Dragon. This roller coaster leads you through the Lego Kingdom castle where you get to see a ton of Lego constructs, including a massive smoke spewing dragon. Then as you exit the castle the ride begins and you rise to the top of the coaster before plummeting down sharp turns and quick bends. Once you exit The Dragon attraction you pass a few other carnival style rides before finding yourself in Miniland USA. Miniland USA is a collection of incredible Lego structures, entire cities made from the tiny little pieces. They have every major city in the U.S. including some of the country’s most important monuments.

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