Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LEGOLAND Preview Part Two

One of the many LEGOLAND dinosaur constructs around the theme park!Towards the back of the theme park you can find the Cypress Gardens… gardens that are still left over from the old theme park, as well as the ski show and stadium that appears to be coming back after renovations. Two of the parks best coasters are also located in the back, the Flying School and the Coastersaurus. The Flying School is a suspended roller coaster where you sit down and your feet dangle in the air. With a lot of steep drops and sharp turns this coaster was great fun. However, finding your way to the Flying School requires a map, because you have to climb a ramp hiding behind a giant red car that will be home to a future ride. The Coastersaurus is located in between The Dragon and the Flying School and is an original wooden roller coaster. From the looks of it they went about repairing it to its original splendor. If you were to ask me I think it is the fastest coaster in the whole park and has a Jurassic Park style theme with lots of Lego dinosaurs.

Coastersaurus is located in the Land of Adventure, and is right next the Lost Kingdom Adventure (Not to be confused with Land of Adventure). This was a great ride because of how quick the line went. Each cart holds four people, and they can have you in a cart and on your way in about twenty seconds. Once in your cart pick up your western style laser gun and shoot targets. On the cart the amount of targets you hit is recorded and you gain a score. So at the end of the ride you can compare your points to the other players in the cart. Nothing is as fun as a friendly competition you know what I mean?

Across from Lost Kingdom Adventure is the Test Track, a speedy little coaster that has you taking one fast drop after the other and keeps to whizzing around in the area. This ride could accurately be described as a road in the sky. From the top of the coaster they give you short breathers where you can actually see whole sections of the park from an aerial view, including the massive lake. Right under the roller coaster is the Imagination Zone, where you can find all sorts of challenges that let you test your creativity with Lego bricks. We spent twenty minutes constructing cars and then racing them while we were there.

LEGOLAND has plenty more rides and attractions, and even more to come when the park opens, but these are the ones that stick out to me the most. The park is only open from 10am till 5pm, so get there early if you want to see it all. It seemed to me like the rides cleared up towards the end of the day, we must have road The Dragon six times in a row because the line was so short! There are also a ton of carnival style games all around the park to enjoy, so be sure to stop in and win a prize.

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