Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready to have a "Cyber" New Year?

People gather in Time Square for the traditional drop of the ball since December 31st, 1907.

Usually, you are glue to your TV sets to see the amazing and ageless Dick Clark until he press that red button and the New Year is being welcome! Or, perhaps you are standing by Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, seeing how the fireworks irrupts across the night sky bathing Cinderella's Castle in a blast of incredible designs and colors!

Have you heard about CYBER New Years Celebration?

Well, the past year DISNEYQUEST, that interactive "theme park" in Downtown Disney, started to do a "cyber" end of the year celebration. It was a total success, so this year they decided to do it again!

• The event starts from 8pm - 1am.
• Kids will be entertained by a DJ that will play dance music getting the people in that party mood!
• Unlimited access to ALL the games and DisneyQuest attractions including Buzz Lightyears's Astroblasters, Virtual Jungle Cruise and CyberSpace Mountain.

If you still awake by that time with all the incredible time playing the games and enjoying your time and spending your energy going from one awesome excitement to the next one, then you'll be in for a surprise!

• Cofetti Drop.
• Festive party favors.
• Coupons for a pizza, hot dog, chicken Caesar wrap or Hamburger plus chips and soda.

You can purchase your tickets ahead of time, so you can get a savings for this special "Cyber" event.

Let's create a brand new end of the year tradition, being the magical place that it is, DisneyQuest will have its annual Cyber New Year an event not to be miss!

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