Monday, November 7, 2011

SeaWorld Up-and-Coming big News!

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This November the 8th, SeaWorld is getting its feet wet with new additions to its marine theme park in Orlando.

As per their spokeman Nick Gollattscheck said "We do have plans for incredible new attractions at SeaWorld Orlando, and we're committed to finding amazing new ways to immerse our guests and fans in the mysteries of the sea. It's too early to talk about the plans and details right now, but you can expect us to share the news in the near future."

What kinda projects will delight the millions of visitors to this amazing theme park? There's a couple of items that are coming in the "gossip" pipeline, mainly (as per the Orlando Sentinel):

  • One of the biggest projects, expected to be completed in 2013, involves Penguin Encounter, a walk-through exhibit that opened in 1987 and displays several different species of penguins, as well as puffins and murres. This will close in December for an 18-month refurbishment. SeaWorld plans to build an indoor "dark ride" in its place. Since August, SeaWorld Orlando has also trademarked a trio of names that could be associated with the project: "Antarctica" and "Empire of the Penguins," both for use as themed areas in an amusement park, and "SnowWorld," for use as an amusement-park attraction.
  • Separately, SeaWorld is also planning to redevelop its Manatee Rescue attraction, a project expected to debut in 2012. According to a person familiar with details, the plans include renovating a circular theater and using it for an upgraded, sea-turtle movie that will likely be tied in with a theatrical documentary that was released this past summer through SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment's new SeaWorld Pictures film unit. SeaWorld plans to convert the manatee exhibit into a "combination manatee/sea turtle exhibit." SeaWorld last month also trademarked the name "Turtlesphere 360" for use in a theme-park attraction.
  • Discovery Cove, the high-end boutique park next door to SeaWorld, is also a part of the expansion efforts. Documents filed with the water district and Orange County show that SeaWorld intends to convert a now-closed saltwater reef into a freshwater environment referred to both as the "Flooded Rainforest Trail" and as "Flooded Forest River Trails." Its features will include a "primate island" and an otter-viewing area.
Certainly with these trio of possible developments, we are waiting for the official word, and counting the days until these areas open here in Orlando. SeaWorld wants to keep its name as the n. 3 theme-park company in the business, specially getting tough competition from the new Legoland theme-park, the new Fantasyland area in Magic Kingdom, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Island of Adventure.

Stay tune cause this November the 8th will be the official unveiling of the plans for next year!

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