Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dumbo on Fantasy
What is the best symbol to Fantasy? That is exactly the question that Disney is posing for everyone that will be traveling the seven seas of the world! The answer will surprise you.

Continuing their long standing tradition that began in 1998 when the Disney Magic, the first of Disney Cruise Line's ships, started traveling across the seas. There's a couple of things that the imagineers always look when they are designing the ships. One is the title of the vessel and technology advances they are going to include in it. But another one that is as exciting as these two, it's picking up the iconic character they will put in its stern (the back of the ship).

The thinking behind the stern is how tide up is to the title of the ship, and it has to be in a pose that shows the character painting the name of the ship in a wonderful, neat, and unique way, and keeping up with the classic visuals of the original.

So, everyone was fill with excitement with the announcement of the new sister ship to the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy! And as all the information was becoming available, one thing that the imagineers wanted to keep under wraps was the symbol for the ship.

The Disney Magic, for being the first one of the Cruise Line, sported Goofy trying to "paint" the back of the ship with its name. Then, the imagineers got a little more daring and funny with the figures of Donald Duck hanging by a rope trying to "paint" the stern and Hewey (with Dewey and Louie peeking from behind) cutting the rope with a huge scissor, on the Disney Wonder. For the Disney Dream, the imagineers went old school and put the one and only Mickey Mouse in its "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" look sending one lonely mop to "paint" the stern with the name of the Ship.

What do the imagineers did with its newest ship? Well, to answer the original question pose to all the imagineers, they decided to bring back one amazing pachyderm, Dumbo. Of course, that iconic character will never be complete without the help of its amazing rodent companion, Timothy Quincy Mouse. Dumbo will be "flying" with the bucket of paint holding up with his trunk and Timothy Mouse will be holding the brush ready to "paint" the name on the stern. It has that Disney Classic written all over, but at the same time with a fresh look that will be a welcome sight when you arrive from the port of call to the ship.

Do not forget to try this new ship from the amazing Disney Cruise Line. Certainly will be fill with amazing areas to have fun and enjoy your delicious vacation. At the same time, this newest ship will be with the latest technological wonder that only Disney can do. Every Magical wish has been implemented and some you may haven't thought about!

98-days left to enjoy this awesome Ship made by the magic of Disney!

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