Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gatorland Zip Line Revisit

Gatorland's Screamin Gator Zip Line Course!It has been quite awhile since I have had the opportunity to get to a theme park. But with a friend coming down for the holiday season they asked if we would join them on their visit to a theme park. Now they are planning to spend a whole week between Universal, Disney and other attractions in the area. Unfortunately my work schedule would only let me take off one day. So when it came to which park I could visit with them I had to pick Gatorland.

Now, Gatorland wasn’t always my favorite park in the Central Florida area. But, after they added the zip line course to the park I haven’t been able to think of anything else. When the course first came out I went and visited, road the course and then wrote it a pretty good review. But now I had an opportunity to take a friend on the course for the first time… and we had a blast.

You can make reservations at the park for the zip line course when you purchase your ticket. You see the “jumps” are scheduled throughout the day, and they fill up real fast, so you gotta get in quick. Anyway we had a ten o clock jump scheduled, and at 10:05 we were sitting in a room going over the instructional video and getting geared up. Shortly after we were walking across the park and climbing the first tower three stories into the air.

Now if you think three stories isn’t that high I want to see your face when they clip that thin cable to a wire and tell you to get a running start. Either way, by the third tower jump you feel like a veteran. Jumping off a wooden tower that is swaying in the wind over a pool of alligators sure leaves you with a good memory to take home.

The best part is at the end. The last jump has two wires right next to each other, and they let you race another person in the group. I raced my friend of course, and I am not willing to let you know how it ended… but I will tell you one thing… someone cheated.

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