Friday, December 2, 2011


Jaws is all hung up
I am bummed out for the following news. Universal Studios Florida will be closing the Jaws/Amity Area for good on January 2nd 2012 @ 9pm.

It’s been one of my favorites attractions. Sure, you can say all you want about how cheesy is the jokes and the interaction of the “boat” driver, but this ride grows on you and totally makes you feel very immerse into the action. Plus, you can feel the heat when you see a charred shark on his final try coming out as one of those nice twists to the ride.

The spokeman for Universal Studios Florida noted that this has been one of the first attractions to open in the park:

“We know you love JAWS! and we do too. It has been an amazing attraction and after terrorizing the waters of Amity here at Universal Orlando for 20 years, it’s a VERY important part of our history“

However, we are excited that something else will be coming into this area, and hopefully they will do something to tell the past guest or little clues to tell that Jaws was here.

Universal also took the chance to assure the visitors about new developments without revealing too much what is going to take place there:

“So, we’ve got a couple things planned to ensure we always remember and honor it. We know it’s hard to say goodbye, but we can’t express how EXCITED we are about the new, innovative & amazing experience we’re going to be bringing you.“

This comes in the date where Universal Studios Singapore is opening its “Transformers – The Ride”, which will open soon in Universal Studios Hollywood. Wheels are turning and would this be perhaps a clue as to what will be build here? Who knows!

Let’s stay tune to what new things will happen in Universal Studios Florida, which will sure make visitors new and “old” happy and excited to come to the center where movies are brought to life in new incredible ways!

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