Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Man Group – New Show

Blue Man Group's new GiPadNow I have blogged about Blue Man Group before, in fact it’s one of my favorite shows. It’s filled with comedy, music and some really cool special effects. Just about wherever you go here in Orlando you can find billboards and lobby posters sporting the three bald, blue men. So when I heard that they have a new show coming out I had to blog about it.

This February Blue Man Group will be featuring a new show with a new theme, so if you have visited the show before and liked it you have to come back and see it again. This theme has to do with the Blue Men’s newly acquired interest: cutting edge technology. If you ask me that means they are bringing out some more of their awesome and creative special effects. This new show is supposed to get the audience to participate, engage and explore with our blue friends.

But if you are concerned that some of your favorite parts from the old show are going to disappear then fear not. Universal also announced that Blue Man Group’s signature acts and crowd pleasers have found a new place in there show as well. The highlight of the show however will be the Blue Men interacting with something referred to as “Enormous GiPads,” that will have funny and insightful looks contemporary communication vehicles. You decide for yourself what that means, cause I am going to have to find out for myself.

Along with all these great new additions Universal has promised that the show will now end with a “pulsating new finale,” as if the first shows wasn’t enough! I can’t wait to get over to Universal CityWalk and see the show myself!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Her Royal Highness Package

Her Royal Highness Package
Wow!!! Do you want to make a birthday simply unforgettable? How can you make your favorite grand-daughter birthday's the best ever? or How can you proposed to your favorite person in the world in a way that will be indescribable?

Well, Disney World has make things easy for everyone, since they have recently announce "Her Royal Highness" Package!

In the most incredible of places, right there at the center of Cinderella's Castle lays Cinderella's Royal Table which is the Restaurant of choice for Magical events! As you walk and see this spectacular view of the castle inside, you'll be invited to an event with the one and only Cinderella and Prince Charming, and not far from them is Fairy Godmother waiting to grant everyone a wonderful magical gift of enchantment.

With this new minted package, you'll get a Balloon centerpiece, Crystal-adorned tiara, and a Princess-theme cake. The wonderful and Magical Cinderella's Royal Chefs will do a vanilla or chocolate cup-cake decorated on top with a figure of either Cinderella (of course!), Belle, Ariel, Tiana (The Princess and The Frog), or Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty).

If you wanna make your special lady "a true princess for the day!" then this will be the best gift for her. Definitely worth a look if you are looking for a unforgettable special occasion!

Friday, January 6, 2012

TWISTER…Ride it Out

TWISTER... Ride it Out!One of my favorite rides at the Universal Studios theme park is TWISTER. Everyone remembers the great movie, and this fun ride/experience brings it to life. Although you might call the ride a bit corny it has become one of the classics in the long list of rides at Universal Studios. When you see the large sign that says TWISTER and a variety of objects protruding from the side of a building you will know that you came to the right place. Get in line because this is a must for anyone who visits the theme park.

When you first enter you will be shown a short video that shows the destructive nature of tornados. The cool part is that the room you are in shakes and moves with wind in the movie… just to add a bit of effect to the film. After that you walk through the line, which is designed to look like a town after a tornado has torn through. With debris and dangling cars the destruction is worth pausing to take pictures.

Finally you end up at the attraction. The ride or more like a presentation is a large stage with several levels. Right in front of you is a small town, with a gas station as its centerpiece. Suddenly the lights dim and the sky turns dark. In the distance a tornado touches to the ground and slowly makes its way in your direction. The closer it gets the more turbulence there is, finally resulting in the stage actually falling apart. The gas station erupts in flame and a cow comes flying by.

I won’t give away the rest of the ride, but if you visit Universal Studios be sure to head on over and check it out, it’s worth it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Disney's One More Day Promotion

One of my favorite Disney theme park is Magic Kingdom. It is really magical. It is awesome. It really makes you feel like a kid in a candy store!

Even in your sleep, you probably have imagine what would it be to stay over in the park. to see the park like no one else has seen it before.
But, you have thought it was a wishful thinking, right?. Not anymore!

Over the Dick Clark New Years Party (oh my god, he doesn't aged! what an awesome sight every New Years!), Disney announce what many of you will be salivating in their dreams. with the launch of the One More Disney Day, Both Disneyland in California AND Disney's Magic Kingdom will be open 24 hours! that was not a mistake or mistype...Disney will be open 24-hours! starting February 29th at 6am to March 1st at 6am!!!

Of course, as probably the date will tell you, it will be in reference that this year marks the Leap Year! Of course, this is something totally new to Disney. This will be the first time EVER where either park in both side of the coasts will be open 24-hrs!

It goes without saying that i am totally marking my calendar. Oh God, I am salivating over their awesome turkey legs, walking that "late" or that "early" into Adventureland. Getting into Pirates of the Caribbean during the wee-hours of the morning. or just thinking of going to the Haunted Mansion during the midnight, woohoo! or rather Boo! (insert one of those night of the living dead howling). Taking a picture of Cinderella's Castle as the sunrise marks the morning. Wow! i am just cannot believe what Disney has done! I am just counting the days.

Well, you can count the days as well, we have around 57-days left! So, Feb 29th here i go! I'll let you go, so i can do my little to-do list. there's never enough things you can do in the park and for 24-hrs, wow this will be a long-list!