Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - Makeover

The Amazing Adventures of SpidermanAt the Islands of Adventure theme park in the Marvel Super Hero Island section of the park you can find one of my favorite rides. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman has been around since the parks opening, and features everyone’s “Friendly neighborhood hero” as he battles a whole slew of heroes, half of which I didn’t even know existed. But regardless of how much you know about this superhero how can you not like a guy that swings around on webs? Well this great ride is getting a complete makeover.

Now not much has been said about this 3-D adventure, accept that it’s going to be updated with modern technology, an important improvement when you realize that it’s been there since 1999. With new high tech 3-D glasses to replace the old and 4K digital high definition animation this ride is really going to pop off the screen. There is also a promised update to the light and audio systems, bringing this ride back to life.

If you have never been on the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman then you are missing out. This great ride is like a roller coaster with a story! You fly around through the city following Spiderman as he battles his villains. But as you fly around you actually feel the water on your skin when there’s a splash, you feel the intense heat when there’s a fire and your cart shakes when there is electricity. It feels like you are actually there!

With these new additions you will be able to dive deeper into this story and there is supposed to even be a cameo by the story’s legendary comic book icon and Spider-Man co-creator, Stan Lee. I got to get over there in March when it’s done and check it out!

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