Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One More Disney Day

So all I hear about lately is that Disney is having their leap year celebration. The “One More Disney Day” is supposed to be a huge event, but since its announcement a few months back it has been all hush hush and no one has gotten the scoop on what’s going to happen.

Well, Disney has finally revealed some special entertainment for the 24 hour One More Disney Day event. Since the park is going to be open through the night most guests are really excited about getting to ride their favorite rides when the sun goes down. Something you don’t usually get to do at the theme parks. You can expect to see enthusiasts like me planning ahead of time to get into specific rides that just seem awesome in the night air.

As for the extra additions to the schedule you can find an electrical parade full of lights and your favorite characters at 10pm as well as midnight. There will be a welcome show at 5:50 am as well as a Main Street Trolley that will make its appearance several times throughout the day. There will also be a castle projection show at 5:30am, right before the end of the day, which is rumored to have a special surprise.

Finally there will be a variety of Leap Year characters that will be around the theme park throughout the day, meaning you can take a picture with these characters on a special day, something no one else will get to do come 6:00am in the morning. It pretty much means your pictures are collector’s items.

I hope to catch you guys at the event because you can rest assured I will be there!

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