Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Fantasyland soft opening

One thing I should say from the get-go is that I love Disney. One of my favorite theme parks is Disney's Magic Kingdom! It has my favorite ride of all time: It’s a Small World (the one with the song that everyone has a love-hate relationship).

One indelible memory I have inside of any Disney park, it was the moment when my precious sister (minus one front tooth) and very small little me hopped into "Dumbo". It was a happy moment, we were sitting together and then she was pushing the button, and the flying elephant was going up and down. Besides the shaking, and the little stomp when you pressed the button, you cannot wait to do it again and enjoy that moment where you can feel the entire world stop and you just laughing with so much joy!

Fast forward 30-years after that event and I couldn’t resist calling my sister, while I was doing some video-chatting, and I was inside Dumbo! But this one wasn’t any ordinary Dumbo, it was the new revamped one that just opened at the new Fantasyland!!!

Disney just opened one section of the new refurbished Fantasyland, which includes Dumbo and The Barnstormer. The last one has Goofy “The Great Goofini” as the title character. This whole area will have the section name of Storybook Circus. To get here, you can take the railroad and get off in the Fantasyland Station. Once you get off, you'll see in the upper board that this place is called Carolwood Park, which is another nod to Walt Disney (Carolwood Pacific was the name he used for the railroad in his backyard).

Only in Disney you'll feel like you are your younger-self again. It was surreal, I was feeling like my little me and it was a flood of memories and wanted to share them with my sister. She was like "oh my god! I can’t believe it!" and then suddenly she was teary eyes and telling me that in her next trip we'll ride Dumbo together!

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