Tuesday, April 17, 2012

B.B. Kings Classic Soul Dinner

B.B. Kings Classic Soul DinnerOne of the newest shows in the Central Florida area is at a long time classic in Pointe Orlando. If you’re down here on vacation and you are visiting the theme parks then a dinner show is a great way to end your night after a long day at the parks. Instead of going back and wasting your vacation time in the hotel you can kick back for a delicious meal and enjoy even more entertainment. It’s the perfect way to end any night, vacation or not!

We walked into B.B. Kings Classic Soul Dinner not knowing what to expect, so just about anything they threw our way would be a surprise. When we got in we were quickly seated and treated to some delicious appetizers that came free with the show ticket. I got catfish bites and my friend got fried pickles, both equally tasty. After that they brought us out our salads before moving to the main course. They had three selections on the menu, but since there was only two of us we got filet mignon and some ribs which came with a full half a chicken.

After we were totally stuffed we were served a fine dessert, but the whole time we were eating the band was have a grand old time on stage. They were singing and playing the blues like it was nobody’s business. Down front the other guests (Not us) were dancing to the beat on the dance floor with drinks in hand.

If you are looking for a fun night out with lots of energetic fun then this is the place to be. With dancing, singing, an open bar and awesome southern food it can’t get any better. The great atmosphere and good food is what I call a good night.

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