Monday, May 7, 2012

Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Guest Review

Turtle Trek People
Finally, one of the newest attractions of SeaWorld Orlando opened, Turtle Trek!

What an amazing experience! You get to see and be immerse in a world like no other. As you enter into the attraction, you’ll be welcomed by the “water stream” arch. At the end of the walk-way, you’ll see the doors leading to the first exhibit, which holds the Manatees. Here, you’ll feel as if you have enter into their world. Hanging from the ceiling, you’ll see little informative strips that shows the different species of manatees as well as other fishes that roams in their aquarium. Those animals are enormous and huge, but they are very docile and gentle. Then, you’ll be escorted to our next exhibit, which has the turtles. What an awesome exhibits, with different species of turtle, including a couple of huge sea turtles that were pretty awesome.

It’s in this exhibit that our SeaWorld expert starts introducing the third portion of this attraction, which is truly the highlight. She starts asking the crowd different questions in regards to turtles, and also how to make sure we can help them so they don’t become extincts. One interesting fact is that, the sea turtle makes about 100 eggs and from this, only 1 in 10 makes it to the open water. Not only they got enemies at the time they hatch, but also once in the water they have other enemies, natural and man-made. Our expert shows us the trapping nets that the US Government wants the fishermen to use use when catching fishes, this one is pretty cool cause it has a nice little back door that only turtles can go out from.

Once the doors open, you are headed into a room which has a dome on top. From here, you’ll experience the fascinating story of one turtle from hatching to going back again to the place where she born. And let me tell you, if you have a beating heart, you’ll be having tears (uh-hum “a little dust”) in your eyes. You will feel like if you are the turtle. The 3-d is impressive, and to top it all off the 360-degrees angle makes you feel as if you are right there. The sights and the sounds will make vivid the scenes and appreciate more what this lovely animals go thru. Not only that, but the message is loud and clear, to be a “hero” participating in the conservation.

Once outside, you’ll go thru the outside section of the same exhibit where the turtles and manatees are. This will give you a better angle from the top to see another sight of these lovable animals. Plus, for the nintendo/PS3/XBox crowd there’s a video game where you play the turtle and have to ditch the different obstacles that you can find at the sea.

This is a wonderful addition to SeaWorld and another one of those attractions that will be a definite favorite one. Stay tuned, tho, cause SeaWorld will open next year another fully immersive attraction called “Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin”.

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