Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grand opening of "Be Our Guest" restaurant

As part of the ongoing Fantasyland expansion later this year Disney will debut for the first-time-ever it's "Be Our Guest" restaurant featuring Disney's animated characters Beauty and the Beast.

At the Be Our Guest eatery, guests will discovery both a quick service and table service menu during the evening.

As a tribute to the big p roduction "Beauty and the Beast",  the new eatery will offer a variety of French menu items including carved turkey baquette, tuna Nicoise salad,  Croque Monsieur sandwich,  grilled steak sandwhich,  braised pork, vegetale quiche to mention a few.

Enjoy an upscale dinner menu including sautóed shrimp and scallops, veggies puff pastry with creamy lobster sauce, pork rack chop over gratin pasta, , rotisserie rock hen  with roasted potatoes, pan-seared salmon, grilled strip steak and more.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Twin Sea Lion Pups born at SeaWorld

SeaWorld welcomes it's first set of Sea Lions born in captivity since the park opened in March 21, 1964.

Although  the sex of the pups has not been determined,  the first one was born at 11:00  July 25 and the second a couple of hours later.
Even in the wild, it is extremely unusaula for a Sea Lion to give birth to twins. 

Not only was this an amazing performance by mom but SeaWorld also reap the benefits of this rare occurance in nature.

A 14 year old sea lion, Fable can be seen showing off her new pups at SeaWorld's  Pacific Point Preserve.

Fable who has recovered quite well well after giving birth will nurse her pups for 6 to 12 months.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Debbie smites Florida

Forming in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday was the 4th new tropical storm Debbie that already caused a state-of-emergency in Louisiana declared by the state's governor.

Not only was Debbie responsible for floods in southern Louisiana but she also interfered with the oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

She began with maximum sustained winds of about 50 mph.   She was one of four storms in the Gulf that occured prior to  July1 since record keeping in 1851.

For the last 4 days, Debbie has dumped over 26 inches of rainfall on Florida causing the closure of  Disney's typhoon lagoon where flooding may of occurred.

On Saturday, Debbie began by dropping from 6 inches up to 10 inches of rain in many areas around the Gulf. 

The US government reported that 9 production platforms and one drilling rig were evacuated on Saturday.
Not expected to dramatically affect prices,  the suspended crude production amounts to about 2 percent of U.S production and about 0.1 percent of global production.

Disney hopes to open it's signature water park Typhoon Lagoon soon. 

Stay posted.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wet 'N Wild Orlando debut's Blastaway Beach

Share the Rush Wet 'N Wild

Voted by the Amusement Business Magazine as America's #1 Water park, Wet 'N Wild  offers a complete day of fun  with over 17 rides and attractions. for the entire family.

The park's mantra is simple, "nobody has more multi-person water thrills than Wet 'N Wild."  

Experience  a variety of new attractions including the largest family water play area in Florida dubbed Blastaway Beach, including a themed water playground Sandcastle,  160 interactive toys, 15 slides, 60 foot sandcastle, 2 pools equaling 85,000 gallons, and a secluded area with dedicated seating.

Wet 'N Wild now offers a unique ticket for 2012 dubbed the Wet 'N Wild 14 Day Length of Stay Pass.  Unlimited access for 14 consecutive days allows you to  maximize your visit to Wet 'N Wild.

Not only does Wet 'N Wild offer a soaking wet day at the park, but now you can enjoy its centerpiece attraction, Blastaway  Beach.  Can you imagine a sandcastle that towers over 15 slides,  two splash pools and more than a 160 soakers, water jets, cannons and waterfalls?

With over 14 soaking-wet rides to choose from,  blast off in the two-person hydra capsula at The Black Hole Next Generation, jump board a tube with 2-or-4 friends in the hypnotizing water thrill Brain Wash,  make a quiet escape to Florida's Lazy River, or just drop through an elevated chute in The Storm.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Something new at Orlando theme parks

Poised to debut it's newest attraction Wednesday , Universal Orlando is gearing up for rush-hour when they unveil first-time-ever ride dubbed Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. 

Produced by NBC Universals Studios movie production unit, the ride was based on the animated film Despicable Me.  Riders will be transfored into greenish goggle faced creatures as part of the unique experience.

 Perhaps you may be the lucky one to get a shot Universal Orlando's newest attraction during the weekend's rehearsal  while employees begin teseting the attraction.   Out with the old and in with the new as some enthusiasts are dissappointed with the replacement of Jimmy Neutrons' Nicktoon Blast at Universal Studios Florida.

The new 3-D simulator ride will join an evening lagoon show and parade at Universals Studios which has fallen behind  counter part Islands of Adventure.  The amazing Wizarding World of Harry potter propped up the Island's of Adventure theme park in 2011 causing the popularity of Universal Studios to languish a bit.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Legoland breaks world record

Legoland which is derived from the root Lego  in  Latin meaning "I assemble"  has been bringing joy to children for the last 80 years since its founder Kirk Christiansen built his workshop in Denmark in 1932.

Legoland's signature plastic bricks did not come into existence until 1949 until after the company bought it plastic injection molding equipment. Since then, improvements in the inner tube bricks offer an unlimited number of building combinations making the design so unique.

Today the legoland's legacy company is becoming a staple brand geared toward  children between the ages of two through twelve.   With it's debut in winter Haven, Florida in 2012,  Legoland is quickly receiving world attention by the local theme-parks as a  formidable competitor.

Just recently, Legoland had set the world's record for the greatest number of beach balls in the air at any one time.  Guiness World Record recorded the event on May 24, 2012 at the grand opening of it's highly coveted water park.  During that particular event, park guests maintained 1,290 beach balls bouncing at simultaneously.

In tandem with this spectacular event,  Legoland announced a $20 savings on Florida resident's annual pass set to expire in July 31.  For just $129 per child, residents gain admission to the Winter Haven theme park with no black-out dates.

But that's not all,  the tickets also features free parking, discounts on food and merchandise.   Guests may also participate in Holiday events including Independence Day, and Brick-or-Treat during Halloween time.

Don't forget to check out the $10 online discount for a 1-day pass including access to the water park  Legoland offered through Oct 21, for just $67  per child.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Dumbo Ride Debut

Disney Double Dumbo
As part of one of the largest expansions in the history of Disney World, enthusiasts are already anticipating the unforeseen surprises awaiting at their favorite theme-park Magic Kingdom.

For the next few days, during the soft opening  in July of double dumbo ride, cast members will begin training on the new attraction.  Some guests may enjoy a  preview of the ride as the cast members are training.

As one of the animated movies that debuted in 1941,  Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of the legendary rides that ran when the Magic Kingdom park first opened in 1971.  During the remodeling,  this legacy ride was removed from it's original placement to run in tandem to exact duplicate dubbed  "double dumbo ride."

As guests pass through the portal to Storybook Circus, , riders will filter through the new indoor queue to board  the all-new side-by-side double dumbo.   

Some guests may choose to cool off first at the Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak station before the face the double dumbo ride.  Especially on hot days when the little engine gets ready to blow it's stack sending up a burst refreshing water to the screaming children below.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Pixar  & Disney Animation have joined forces to bring to life many of the beloved Disney characters that will be portrayed at the Disney Art of Animation Resort.

Disney Art of Animation will immerse guests into a new of world of wonder in the middle of Disney classics.  Dance under the sea with The Little Mermaid, strut through the jungle with Pumba and friends, burn rubber on the road in Cars, or catch a ride on the back of sea turtle with Nemo.

Now you can simply jump into the screen and become a hero in one of
Pixar and Disney films.  So get ready  for a big surprise, your journey is about
to begin at the Art of Animation Resort.

As you can imagine, everything that you will see began on the drawing board of one
of Disney's Imagineers.  Disney Art of Animation is a first of a series realization of behind-the-scenes video
production  making it an animation lover's paradise.
Now you will be able to stay in one of four amazing themed environments that
will put you in the middle of all you favorite Pixar Animation films, finding Nemo,
Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Enthusiasts are anxous about their check-in time, to be the first to see the
opening of Nemo, phase one. Today, let's take a sneak peek into the
creation process of this exciting new resort.

At Art of Animation, guests will feel like they are the star in their favorite animated
movie, broken into a series of small shots, then a colorful wide shot
panoramic scenes displayed at the resort.

Later, guests can walk through the court yards where all the action occurs
dipicted by animated figures all created to scale for a more personal
encounter with their favorite characters.

In the Finding Nemo court, guests will discover that they are about the same size as Nemo, where Mr.
Ray's larger than life image has a  wing span of just 26 feet sporting a tail 33 feet off the ground. 
Feel like you are one of the specific characters in the storyline at Art of Animation.

As you meander through each family suite, you'll be fascinated with all the details of the movie.
All of the objects of the movie are custom made with a special a touch including the beds, tables, windows,  and mirrors.

With 2,000 guest rooms, over half of them are family suites that will accomodate up to
6 people.  Second to none,  Disney Art of  Animation, will offer spacious guest rooms
allowing family's all the room necessary to spread out. 

The latest technological advances dubbed  the "Next Generation Experience Initiaitive", will be
featured  on the doors of each guest room.  Instead of inserting key cards  to unlock guest rooms, guests will simply hold the key card  in the proximity of the door and  wireless card reader will open the door.
At the inception of the twentieth century, affordable suites similar to the 777-room Nickelodeon Suites Resort have continued to grow increasing popular among middle-class travelers. Today, it's not unusual for a travelers to have extended family or other, larger groups that vacation together.  With the new Disney Art of Animation, the additional value-resort rooms will help fill in the gaps of inventory lost to other resorts.

Disney says the hotel will support 750 permanent jobs, in addition to the 800 construction jobs created in the interim.