Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Pixar  & Disney Animation have joined forces to bring to life many of the beloved Disney characters that will be portrayed at the Disney Art of Animation Resort.

Disney Art of Animation will immerse guests into a new of world of wonder in the middle of Disney classics.  Dance under the sea with The Little Mermaid, strut through the jungle with Pumba and friends, burn rubber on the road in Cars, or catch a ride on the back of sea turtle with Nemo.

Now you can simply jump into the screen and become a hero in one of
Pixar and Disney films.  So get ready  for a big surprise, your journey is about
to begin at the Art of Animation Resort.

As you can imagine, everything that you will see began on the drawing board of one
of Disney's Imagineers.  Disney Art of Animation is a first of a series realization of behind-the-scenes video
production  making it an animation lover's paradise.
Now you will be able to stay in one of four amazing themed environments that
will put you in the middle of all you favorite Pixar Animation films, finding Nemo,
Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Enthusiasts are anxous about their check-in time, to be the first to see the
opening of Nemo, phase one. Today, let's take a sneak peek into the
creation process of this exciting new resort.

At Art of Animation, guests will feel like they are the star in their favorite animated
movie, broken into a series of small shots, then a colorful wide shot
panoramic scenes displayed at the resort.

Later, guests can walk through the court yards where all the action occurs
dipicted by animated figures all created to scale for a more personal
encounter with their favorite characters.

In the Finding Nemo court, guests will discover that they are about the same size as Nemo, where Mr.
Ray's larger than life image has a  wing span of just 26 feet sporting a tail 33 feet off the ground. 
Feel like you are one of the specific characters in the storyline at Art of Animation.

As you meander through each family suite, you'll be fascinated with all the details of the movie.
All of the objects of the movie are custom made with a special a touch including the beds, tables, windows,  and mirrors.

With 2,000 guest rooms, over half of them are family suites that will accomodate up to
6 people.  Second to none,  Disney Art of  Animation, will offer spacious guest rooms
allowing family's all the room necessary to spread out. 

The latest technological advances dubbed  the "Next Generation Experience Initiaitive", will be
featured  on the doors of each guest room.  Instead of inserting key cards  to unlock guest rooms, guests will simply hold the key card  in the proximity of the door and  wireless card reader will open the door.
At the inception of the twentieth century, affordable suites similar to the 777-room Nickelodeon Suites Resort have continued to grow increasing popular among middle-class travelers. Today, it's not unusual for a travelers to have extended family or other, larger groups that vacation together.  With the new Disney Art of Animation, the additional value-resort rooms will help fill in the gaps of inventory lost to other resorts.

Disney says the hotel will support 750 permanent jobs, in addition to the 800 construction jobs created in the interim.

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