Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Debbie smites Florida

Forming in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday was the 4th new tropical storm Debbie that already caused a state-of-emergency in Louisiana declared by the state's governor.

Not only was Debbie responsible for floods in southern Louisiana but she also interfered with the oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

She began with maximum sustained winds of about 50 mph.   She was one of four storms in the Gulf that occured prior to  July1 since record keeping in 1851.

For the last 4 days, Debbie has dumped over 26 inches of rainfall on Florida causing the closure of  Disney's typhoon lagoon where flooding may of occurred.

On Saturday, Debbie began by dropping from 6 inches up to 10 inches of rain in many areas around the Gulf. 

The US government reported that 9 production platforms and one drilling rig were evacuated on Saturday.
Not expected to dramatically affect prices,  the suspended crude production amounts to about 2 percent of U.S production and about 0.1 percent of global production.

Disney hopes to open it's signature water park Typhoon Lagoon soon. 

Stay posted.

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