Monday, June 25, 2012

Wet 'N Wild Orlando debut's Blastaway Beach

Share the Rush Wet 'N Wild

Voted by the Amusement Business Magazine as America's #1 Water park, Wet 'N Wild  offers a complete day of fun  with over 17 rides and attractions. for the entire family.

The park's mantra is simple, "nobody has more multi-person water thrills than Wet 'N Wild."  

Experience  a variety of new attractions including the largest family water play area in Florida dubbed Blastaway Beach, including a themed water playground Sandcastle,  160 interactive toys, 15 slides, 60 foot sandcastle, 2 pools equaling 85,000 gallons, and a secluded area with dedicated seating.

Wet 'N Wild now offers a unique ticket for 2012 dubbed the Wet 'N Wild 14 Day Length of Stay Pass.  Unlimited access for 14 consecutive days allows you to  maximize your visit to Wet 'N Wild.

Not only does Wet 'N Wild offer a soaking wet day at the park, but now you can enjoy its centerpiece attraction, Blastaway  Beach.  Can you imagine a sandcastle that towers over 15 slides,  two splash pools and more than a 160 soakers, water jets, cannons and waterfalls?

With over 14 soaking-wet rides to choose from,  blast off in the two-person hydra capsula at The Black Hole Next Generation, jump board a tube with 2-or-4 friends in the hypnotizing water thrill Brain Wash,  make a quiet escape to Florida's Lazy River, or just drop through an elevated chute in The Storm.

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