Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can't Wait for Horror Nights....

So it is that time of year again! Universal Studios Orlando is preparing to start Halloween Horror Nights 2012. The theme they chose this year has everyone frantic. Not only do they have it themed with a maze based on The famous Living Dead Series but they are also adding in scare houses based on Alice Copper and The Silent Hill video games. This year they are going all out and I can’t wait. My Favorite year would be Halloween Horror nights XIX from 2009 "Cut from Silver screen" but I think this year will take the spot. In Universal Hollywood, last year they featured an Alice Cooper Scare House and this year they have expanded it to the other coast here in Orlando. It is still unknown if the Silent hill theme will be a scare zone or an actual house but we are expecting this year to be over the top compared to last year’s Lady Luck theme. Another small Haunted house that they have released details on is called "Penn and Teller, New Las Vegas". It is supposedly Las Vegas turned upside down and filled with monsters. If you have never visited HHN, this is the year to go and see what all the fuss is about. I have been almost every year and let me tell you it is a scary place but also a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to celebrate the time of year. The characters the scare zones go way out of the way to scare you. They love to blend in and walk along side of you until your realize that they are not a normal civilian with their skin missing from their faces. I have been chased and cornered by the cast members all in good scary fun. The houses are the best part. The Haunted Houses are a big part of HHN and they go way over the expectations every year. While walking through the houses, Zombies and other monsters jump out and scare you or sometimes just watch you closely and that is enough to make me run screaming. HHN is definitely something to check out this year.

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