Thursday, October 25, 2012

Empire of the Penguins

Sea world Orlando's biggest expansion ever is under way, and we still have very little details on the newest attraction that I am so excited to finally open. What we do know that it is a "State of the Future" ride and also, you can get up closer than ever and walk alongside the massive live colony. They are including the underwater viewing, which is the only thing SW had in the last Penguin encounter exhibit (which has since been tore down). This big new exhibit/ride is the coldest attraction the park will offer, knowing the continent of Antarctica is around -129 degrees F it is sure to be freezing. With the new interactive ride technologies that give you a different experience every time, this is sure to be a must see when it does open in spring 2013.

SeaWorld is calling this a family adventure ride so assuming it will be for young and older park visitors. This ride will allow riders to see the mystery and wonder of life through the eyes of some very special penguins. Some of the species that we will get to see here will be the Ade-lies, King, Gentoo’s, and Rock hoppers. Around 89% of the continent of Antarctica is covered in ice; it is the coldest, driest, and windiest of them all on earth.

Since demolishing the older Penguin Exhibit, they have added a penguin cam to keep us enticed till the opening next year. They are slowly revealing the icy secrets along the way!

Antarctica in SeaWorld Orlando

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Be Our Guest Update!

Be Our Guest Chandelier
So everyone has been waiting for the Grand opening of "Be our Guest". Now that they have opened, it is very hard to get a reservation for this french inspired cuisine restaurant. They have a quick dining service during the day and by night they are serving up a more heartier meal with traditional dining services. In all they have 3 amazing dining rooms. The first room is the mysterious west wing, in this room you get to see the famous enchanted floating rose and some very interesting memorabilia. The ball room is for the quick dining services during the day but you must see the ceiling mural based off the one in the actual movie! The last room is my favorite, you get to see a special addition and it is a life sized music box from beast to bell, this is the centerpiece of "Be our Guest". Also in this room is the enchanted fireplace painting of Prince but changes to beast when you are not looking. The actual restaurant is located in the new fantasy land area of the park below the mountains underneath the castle hidden away in a cave. You actually have to walk across the legendary bridge to get in. When you first walk in, you are standing in front of some very realistic and fierce looking Minotaurs holding up the castle pillars. This is a very over the top replica of everyone's favorite Disney classic from 1991. With soft snow falling out side the windows, this is a must see.
Be Our Guest French Dessert
The French inspired cuisine is also another reason to go check this place out. Day and night, they have something for every one. They have some french sandwich and salads including the classic croquet monsieur (ham and cheese) also tuna nicoise salad and grilled steak sandwiches with garlic butter spread and of course french fries which is only quick serve and only available in the ballroom.The night dining is a little different than the daily dining. The dinner menu includes, Braised pork, grilled strip steak with pommes frites (french fries) and french onion soup and of also Wine and beer to compliment the french cuisine. To finish off the night for desert, they have your choice of a cupcake or a cream puff! But reservations are required.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Upcoming Orlando Events!

What usually is what brings to mind when it comes to Orlando? Vacation? Theme parks? Disney? Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure? Harry Potter?

If you said any of that you are right, but you could be wrong….Orlando is much more than that!

It is also one of the destinations for incredible entertainment and spectacular events. From amazing Broadway type of events, to musical events, and don’t forget that Orlando holds sporting venues as well!

What will be happening in Orlando other than theme parks?

During these weekend, Orlando will be immerse in entertainment:

Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre
First, in the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre, during October 5-7 the magical and enchanting tale of Beauty and the Beast will be performing. this award winning (Tony and Oscar winner) will make you fall in love, cheer, laugh, and totally rise in a standing ovation. The music and the actors will totally make you have goosebumps and touching your heart.

For the kids, the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre will be showing up the charming Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music during Oct 9-10. Elmo, Big Bird, and their Sesame Street friends will be sharing their love for music. Something that the entire family will be enjoying!

And for the sports fans around, don’t forget that starting Oct 11th is the tip-off for the NBA Pre-Season. After the amazing win by the Heats last year, all the teams have been revamp which promises to be a season for the ages! The first game of the magics will be with a Eastern Conference playoff hopeful, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Get your reservations ready, and enjoy other things which makes Orlando special. Not only there’s theme parks, but entertainment for every possible person in the family!