Monday, December 24, 2012

Osborn Family Spectacle of Light

Osborn Lights
During the holidays, I like to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Perhaps, you must be asking what is it in that park that totally will make you feel with the holiday spirit?

Trust me, they have one beloved and must cherish tradition to me and my family, The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

The story is simple. A father wanting to create a wonderful gift to its kids, decided to put on his home amazing lights…next year, music…next year creating a wonderful story with lights…and so forth, until there was an array of about 3-million lights over a section of the driveway and 35-days during Christmas season. Then the Supreme Court asked, in 1995, the Osborne’s to dismantle and shut down this work of art. Enter Disney, they decided to save this amazing displayed and put it in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, last year 2011 Mr. “papa” Osborne died and they put a nice little angel that stands as for him!

From “Feliz Navidad” from Jose Feliciano to “Winter Wonderland” the combination of songs and lights will leave you spellbound. Open mouthed is just an understatement, the more than 5-million lights thru 40-miles goes to its dancing segments for about 30-40 minutes, and trust me! You’ll be standing there just looking above and trying to take this incredible amazing spectacle.

The creative minds at Disney decided to play tricks with the guests looking at this awesome display, and they decided to include Hidden Mickeys and over 40-different icons, including a little black cat. This last one is an inside game, cause they change the cat’s position each year, making it a “who can spot the black cat” game!

I tell you, the holiday spirit is well and alive in Disney. And more so in Disney’s Hollywood Studios…the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is the most amazing thing you’ll see. The music and the actual wonderment of the lighting arrangement will leave you with your heart fill with the holiday spirit!

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