Wednesday, July 3, 2013

World of China

Undergoing one the biggest expansion since the park opened in 2012, LEGOLANd is featuring its new showcase attraction dubbed World of China. LEGOLAND® unveil its new theme park July 3, 2013 at the same time that it will roll-out a brand new product line.

LEGO® and Merlin Entertainments Group, the parent company, will feature the centerpiece cartoon feature The Quest for Chi.  The new World of China will host a temple that will lead to a one-of-a-kind family water ride. On their quest for CHI, families will battle with watter cannons looking for clues to the energy source.

During the battle, guests are guided into the SpeedorzTM Arena where they will navigate their Speedorz in an attempt to win the precious supply of CHI.  Later, guest will be transported to the LEGO China 4-D Movie Xperience where familiar bigger-than-life characters step off the big screen to interact with guests on an amazing journey through China.

Enjoy Red, Brick & Boom fire works on Independence day July 4th at 9:00pm as well as in-park events.  Take your July 4th to a new level as LEGOLAND®  immerses guests in a special 3-D fire works display extravaganza.  Glasses will be provided to park guests on that day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disney admits Magic Kingdom is the best of their theme parks

It's hard to imagine that a day pass to the Magic Kingdom back in October of 1971 was merely $5.95.  No one would have guessed that 42 years later that 1-Day  pass to Magic Kingdom would be in the triple digits.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the decade was dropped when Disney apparently favors the Magic Kingdom over its other 3 theme parks,  Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom.

This conclusion became evident when Disney's new marketing strategy increased the price over the other theme parks by $5.   Disney shocked the industry by breaking the sound barrier with the announcement that a 1-Day base would cost over $101.

On the flip side of the coin,  park enthusiasts can anticipate  a  $5 discount if they choose to visit EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios for the day.

Disney World still maintains the highest flock of guests visiting their stable of theme parks topping some 10 - 17.5  million annually.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

With an upredictable economy and soaring gas prices, some think that the new eco-friendly vehicles designed by Aptera, appears more plausible each day.

With some wings, this design would not be much different from a small Cessna.  Albeit Aptera Motors failed to get this vehicle off the ground, the new owner Richard Derringer
has put in place a plan to build this vehicle in the United States.

Initially, the new innovative aerodynamic composite chassis would have been built in China, but various hurdles created delays for the car's introduction   Deringer has established a 2nd company entitled Aptera USA that will manufacture the 3e model in the United States.

Aptera USA plans on rolling out the gasoline version 2g model with a target fuel economy of 100 mpg.  In addition, Aptera has boldy announced a battery-powered version of the Aptera that will  squeeze out fuel economy of 200mpg.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disney's Car Masters Weekend

Get ready to Rev-Up your engines for the all-new Car Master's show this weekend at downtown Disney.

Join automotive designer Chip Foose as he hosts this phenomenal weekend filled with muscle cars, modified gas, old race cars, classics and just about anything is possible.

Florida Car Clubs is sponsoring the show along side "Cars" filmaker Jay Ward  Jump into the action with Foose and Ward as they interview potential winners of this competition.
During the celebrity talk show, both hosts will spend time chatting with guests during the competition.  Some 150 vehicles will be featured during this days event.

This year's event activities will be underscored with sketch seminars that will explore hidden drawing talent in kids.  Children will imitate Foose's drawing techniques for beginners while he is sketching race cars. After 30 minutes or so, each child will have sketched a full-color race car.

After the  car show, get ready to party at Splitsville Luxury Lanes sock hop Downtown Disney featuring bowling at its best.  The Luxury Lanes , Downtown Disney's centerpiece attraction  that opened in 2012, is offering  a phenomenal fun-packed evening with plenty surprises.

Other features of the weekend include street performances by Cirque du
Soleil artists and activities tied to upcoming Disney films.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Renovated rooms to feature theme based movies

The Despicable Me 2010 classic features a super-villain named Gru that finds himself in competition with a mad scientist named Vector who has stolen the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Gru, with the help of Dr. Nefario and his minions, decide to steal a shrink ray from an Asian laboratory to execute the ultimate plot of shrinking the moon.

Meanwhile,  at home, Gru's three adopted daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes continue to require his attention causing him reconside his responsibility as a father. 

After receiving both critically acclaimed reviews and grossing over $543 million worldwide, against a budget of $69 million, Universal is taking the film to a new level.   Recent press release from Universal has revealed a first of its kind renovation to the world class Portofino Bay Hotel that will host some 18 kids' suites that will feature the theme based movie Despicable Me.

Each room captures all the playfulness and thrills of the movie with Gru's minions around every corner. With the changing social climate in our society,  family suites are becoming the standard in the Orlando market.  Moreover, Universals Loews Royal Pacific Hotel has remodeled its suites after the Jurassic Park movies with 8 themed kids' suites in all.

Not only is Universal catering to this new trend but Disney World has recently built it's latest hotel Disney Art of Animation that boasts 1,1120 family-style suites.

Booking for the new Despicable Me Minion suites will be available after October 1, 2013.

Friday, May 24, 2013

3 Musketeers Premiere Dinner Adventure

3 Musketeers
Pirates Town Adventure Entertainment complex has unleashed a new show! This show is based off the legendary 3 Musketeers and is an exciting addition to the entertainment for all families. The epic story comes to life in the pirates arena with rip roaring sword fights and exquisite french cuisine. Watch as 3 brave heroes endeavor to save the royal maiden from the hands of an evil assassin! And this tale ends with a big surprise at the closing. You will even get to see some awesome animals during this performance including dogs, chicken, horses and what people are calling "the comical donkey". You will have to see the show to find out what they mean! This show runs nightly every day (except for Mondays) and includes the pre-show appetizer and your dinner. The 3 Musketeers will take place in the same arena as the famed Pirates Dinner Show and along side the smaller venue for the more adult themed "Treasure Tavern". Make sure to arrive early for the best seating and make your reservations in advance. It's a great experience for everyone!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Busch Gardens announces 3 newborn Malayan Tiger Cubs

Malayan Tiger Cub
As part of the endangered wildlife species program, Busch Gardens sponsored the delivery of 3 newborn Malayan Tiger Cubs two males and one female on March 31.

According to the (ICUN), under 1,000 tigers live in the wild due to projects that threaten their natural habitat .

This endangered species thrives in the southern parts of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.  Scientists have warned of a slowing trend for the once thriving Malayan Tiger years ago.

Malayan tigers require various species of wild animals to continue to thrive in the wild. Their diet may include but not limited to serow pigs, Bornean bearded pigs, wild boar, barking,  and sambar deer.

As the Malayan tiger nears extinction, the wild boar population create a serious problem for crops and plantations.  In the rainforest, there are some 1.98 tigers per 100 km2  due to low prey population.  To increase  the tiger population, a minimum of six breeding females need to occupy a reserve larger than  1000 km2.

The two newborns  are offspring of  their resident tigers Bzui, and Mata and a are being monitored by the Busch Gardens animal care team.. Animal trainers will be excited to introduce the cubs into the Jungala area for shortly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney's all-new Festival of Fantasy Parade to debut in 2014

Disney World's Festival of Fantasy Parade

Since the 1940's, victory parades were the most common forms of celebration since WWI.  For the last decade,  Disney has continued the tradition while showcasing its beloved characters in a blissful party atmosphere.

All new character lineup for 2014

For the last 4 years, The Magic Kingdom featured the Disney Dreams Come True parade that embraced the theme "What will You Celebrate?"

Since the debut of The New Fantasyland, Disney has added some new names to its stable of characters that will participate in the parade.  First time ever, Disney will present its all-new Festival of Fantasy Parade that will debut in 2014..

The collection of characters and floats will originate from both new and old areas of Magic Kingdom. Park enthusiasts can expect bigger than life characters such as Pinocchio, and Rapunzel & Flynn, release two years ago.   Enthusiasts can anticipate an entirely new makeover of the previous years parades.  Brand new sights and sounds will fill the air including new costumes,  sound tracks, floats, and much more.
To be unveiled in 2014, the all-new daytime production will be vie for position up Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  Instead of meandering through the new expansion of the "Lost Fanstasyland", but  will maintain the traditional Magic Kingdom route.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment coming to Orlando

Get ready fans for the most exciting entertainment of all time,  World Wrestling Entertainment is coming to Orlando.  Projected to create a plethora of jobs, one of the biggest promoters of events plans to build a training center in East Orange County.

The development dubbed Project Flair, proposes a training facility to train wrestlers for its live broadcast.  The WWE project could have chose any location to build its new facility but instead chose the SunShine state demonstrating that Florida creates jobs boasted Rick Scott.

New positions may include training wrestlers, sports-medicine professionals and TV-production. Thursday official announcement may be attended by  Mayor Teresa Jacobs,  Full Sail President Garry Jones, and WWE Executive Vice President Paul Levesque,  A.K.A  "Triple H."

Headed by the world renown mogul Vince McMahon CEO, WWE  has sponsored some of the biggest events in Orlando. In 2008, Orlando Florida's Citrus Bowl hosted the one-time event Wrestle Mania 24 with more than 70,000 fans in attendance.  Fans were elated when WWE returned to The Amway Center in 2010  featuring its spectacular event WWE Raw and two years later WWE Smackdown.

It appears that WWE intends  to expand its operation after its successful partnership with Florida's Full Sail college that offers advanced degrees in graphic arts, entertainment, and media.  To date, WWE has promoted Super Stars and Divas in 45 episode of  NXT.  Blending both sports and drama is absolutely brilliant according to critics in show business.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando

This summer the biggest thing coming to Central Florida is Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando. Antarctica is what they are calling a Mega Expansion to the theme park, the largest addition the park has ever done. In fact, SeaWorld is so excited about the new addition that they have been traveling around the country promoting its opening in every major city! The design of this expansion is so in depth and immersive that the new section of the park is being called a realm. With an all new adventure, a restaurant and more interactive experiences this is going to be the biggest thing to hit Orlando since New Fantasyland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The opening date for this great attraction is May 24th, so don’t miss it!

Some of the amazing work being done at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
So what exactly makes Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin so special? The new realm will include an all new ride; complete with a state of the art car that will let you customize and control your experience and control your exploration of Antarctica. In fact, we have been told that the ride will let those with small children or less of an interest in the wild encounters take a softer tour of the area, while thrill seekers can take a more intense route through the attraction. This ride is an exhilarating experience as you see the South Pole through the eyes of one special penguin.

The new attraction will be visible from most of the park as the thirty five foot tall rock formation of a mother penguin and its chick peeks its head above the towering ice that surrounds the new expansion. As you step through one of the two entry ways to the realm you will feel like you have been transported to Antarctica itself. With massive ice shelves surrounding you, dripping icicles and even a floor that resembles melting ice you will be completely submerged in this artificial environment. In the past the closest you could get to penguins was from behind a thick glass. Now you will be able to step into their freezing world and walk among them.

Check out the sizes of every specie of penguin in the world!
SeaWorld is also introducing an all new dining experience, with both outdoor and indoor seating this will add to the list of available dining options during your visit. You can dine among the ice glaciers or inside one of the research huts, and right next door you can see how you measure up in size to every specie of penguin on the planet via a wall of actual sized replicas. Grab your food from the research station and enjoy a meal in Antarctica.

With so much more to see and do even seasoned park goers will find this to be a refreshing experience. Get read May 24th for this exciting new adventure to open!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Freshwater Oasis and SeaVenture

They have released a new attraction at Discovery Cove recently, adding more value to the day package. Freshwater Oasis is a awesome new area, letting guest get face to face encounters with playful Asian small clawed otters. You are only separated by a plexi-glass from the 5 otters that call Discovery Cove home. They can play in the water or up on the new personal piece if land named "Primate Island". Primate Island is named after the 9 small Marmoset monkeys that inhabit there. Only growing to a full pound threw out life, they are the smallest of monkeys and have no swimming capability . The monkeys can be seen relaxing curiously in the trees, they are known to not be bothered much by humans. This attraction is included in the Resort Day with discovery cove and the price depends on time of year and availability.
SeaVenture Suits
If you are looking to do something a little extra at Discovery Cove but do not want to swim with dolphins, they are now offering a new experience called SeaVenture. This underwater walking tour takes you in the Grand Reef with a dive helmet.This dive helmet is described as being incredibly simple to use, just set the helmet over your head and breathe like normal. It has a feed that will supply you with fresh air at all times. You will step eye to eye with mysterious sharks, velvet sting rays and plenty of beautiful colorful fish with no SCUBA certification necessary. You will feel right at home under the sea! SeaVenture has been described as walking on the moon surrounded by fish! The tour ends with a feeding session of fish schools with the reef all around you. This is a 25 min tour and cost $59 per person. You must be 10 years old to participate and 14 year old need a paying adult present. Discovery Cove does have some medical or physical requirements that make SeaVenture inadvisable.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Universal Mardi Gras

Music Never Stops at Universal's Mardi Gras

Right now at Universal Studio's, we are celebrating the biggest bash on this side of the Bayou! On Saturday and select nights Feb 9th -Apr 20th, Mardi Gras is at Universal Orlando along with some very fun superstars and bands where the music and fun never stops from pop to country to hip hop and rock! March 2 2013, Demi Lavota will be joining the celebration and March 9th Montgomery Gentry is hitting the stage along with 13 other performances on select nights at Universal music plaza stage. Catch beads galore during the epic, kid friendly Mardi gras parade with incredible floats and color street performers that the little ones are sure to love! Make sure to get a good spot in the "Little Jesters Parade viewing area" designed just for them! Lets not forget the food! With authentic cajun Louisiana style, they will have something to fill the belly's of everyone over at the "French Quarter courtyard" like spicy jambalaya, grilled andouille sausage, shrimp jumbo and more. And of course the night is just getting started!

Every night when the festivities wind down, they are just getting started with the after party at City walk with more New Orleans style music, food and entertainment at some very unique clubs and restaurants including Pat O Brien's, Mardi Gras headquarters until 2 AM. But you must be 21 and over for admission.V.I.P Tickets for the Pat O Brien's after party include complimentary appetizer buffet,discounts on hurricanes, access to the party on the promenade balcony. This ticket is valid 9 pm to 2am. All this excitement is included with your park admission or annual pass but the rides and attractions do close during the parade.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Disney NFC technology
You have heard that there's new technology that is getting more and more accessible to the people in general thru their phone's NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. probably, you been wondering how some people put their phone in the base of a little extension on the credit card machine and get their fries with shakes paid. easy, no time consuming and they don't have to physically use their credit card. Well, that's the advancement of technology!

Now, Walt Disney World is trying to use a similar technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). it is part of their Next-Gen type of technological advancements to make the experience less trafficked when heading to the theme park. Thru the use of the Disney's MagicBand which are an optional thing you can get at MyMagic+, you can create your own magic.

The MyMagic+ is like your personal profile, which you include personal information, and all the different rides you like and things you are interested in the entire Disney area, then with the MagicBand, you get your entrance and your FastPass allowing you to bypassed the many of the masses that does not have this technology. of course, all this is prototype and being tested as we speak.

However, many are getting concerned about what type of information will be included and how that information will be use. with privacy concerns being an issue, specially with parents of little ones, many are expressing their voices, and that has reach Congress. U.S. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass) has sent a letter to Disney CEO Bob Iger asking about how they are planning on using this information and at the same time to quench a little the possible public outcry in regards to this type of technology.

Disney is and will continue to be a company that their main target are families and their little ones. As that, they have built up their empire with people trusting them in regards to personal information, specially when you are staying in their theme park's resorts. That is why lawmakers wanna make sure that since we are talking about a new technology with many benefits, they want to hear what type of security the information will have, to avoid any crazy people getting their hands on that.

This new technology if implemented fully by Disney will have many awesome experiences. Think about this, you include your profile and the system tracks down your favorite rides and also how many purchases you made, and that you like Donald Duck. Every little thing is Donald Duck. So, you check-in at your hotel and call to make the arrangements for a wake-up call, but you forgot to tell them you want Donald...well, guess what! with this new technology, you don't need to cause the system knows you well and you will get your wake up call from Donald Duck! or send you an email saying "hey! there's a nice shirt in the Emporium with Donald that you surely will love!" neat all that will be, right!

And that is the wonderful new technological advancements that Disney is prepping for everyone and the guest staying in Disney property...Let's see how it happens and how awesome looks cause Disney is moving ahead once again from the pack!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busch Gardens Close Up Tours

Up Close with Giraffes
Busch Gardens is known for letting park visitors get a very close encounter with some pretty amazing animals, now they are taking it even further! The Serengeti Safari has always been my favorite way to spend the day ever since my boyfriend surprised me the first time with this live tour. A animal guide loads you up on top of a cruiser with railing and takes you in the free roam area of the 65 acre Serengeti! I got to kiss a giraffe and get up close and personal with a lot of other very cool animals, like zebras and ostriches while also learning about other rare exotic friends. Don't forget the camera! This tour allows some extremely close shots of these amazing creatures! Also, going on now is the Night Serengeti Safari! This adventure comes with appetizers and cold beverages before the departure. And i think we all know what comes out at night. Hunt down night walkers like hippos, lions, hyenas, and rhinos maybe even more. Then return to the camp for some safari stories around the bonfire and coffee plus dessert. Reservations are encourages as space fills up fast!

That's not all that Busch Gardens has to offer when it comes to park bonuses. With the Elephant Insider tour, you get to go inside of the state-of-the-art facility and see what it takes to care for those giants. Observe how the elephant keepers train and interact, connect and communicate with one of the largest animals on earth. And if you want more time and experiences, they also offer The Elephant Keeper Experience. This is a 90 min Private session inside the facility for you and up to 6 friends. The animal keepers will teach you about the enrichment they need while in captivity and also about all the care that goes into the animals. You will also get the chance to prepare treats and some other very hands on duties while viewing the most iconic animal of the jungle.

If the Lions and Orangutans are more for you than maybe the The Tiger and Orangutan Keeper experience is more for you. This one is like no other! You will get to see behind the scenes at JUNGALA. Prepare the food and preform the daily health exams along side the animal keepers during this 90 min interaction. Also see what goes into a training session with the giant Bornean Orangutans along with a up close viewing of the unique Bengal Tigers.

Does all of this sound awesome but you want more? The final animal interaction experience they offer if The Keeper for the Day. This experience is like no other and park admission is included! Share the passion of caring for animals with the animal keepers for the day. This is a 6.5 hour tour and it includes complimentary lunch from the Crown Colony Restaurant and the best photo opportunities in the park. Imagine spending the day feeding giraffes and antelope, caring for the many birds of the Serengeti plains, and of course some other hands on duties. If you want to spend some one on one time with the worlds most exotic animals, this is the place to visit!

If animals are not really your thing, and you enjoy Roller coasters maybe? Busch Gardens also offers The Roller coaster Experience. This tour is early morning and allows you back stage access to the parks wide and vast collection of world class roller coasters. See what all goes into making these rides so unique and dynamic then of course you get front of the lines privilege the most action packed of them all! You will get to experience Montu, Kumba, ShieKra, Gwazi, and the newest Cheetah Hunt in a whole new way.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Barad-dur in Universal Orlando
You know all about my geeky side. I am nuts about Starwars! You recognized me as the guy who will scream every time StarWars Weekend comes to Disney. I have my autograph copy of Jeremy Bullock, aka Boba Fett, locked down for my eyes only!

Anyways, i was in my computer and one friend said "Jedi friend, do you know the news!"...ok, when he says that it is because i have to sit down because it is going to be a stunner!

Well, I am sitting down....and then i told him "Sith, tell me the news!" "Universal is CLOSE, very strongly close to negotiating a deal of the Tolkiens stable of books"...he let out a pause....inside my mind was like having a me...perhaps, i am dreaming too much. However, since this is all speculations, and we heard that term too often, meaning "it could happen, but it could all find a scratching demised as well" So, until the real news are announced, file this as "News you Truly really want to happen"!

But, if it happens, thank Mr. Peter Jackson for bringing us the most awesome of properties into the limelight. Remember his remake King Kong, that was an Universal production, and he had a great relation with them...he produced and filmed the HD 360-degree ride that is in Universal Studios Hollywood. If the news are correct and they get this huge property, could you imagine the impact. And from what the RUMOR MILL says is right, you cannot be more happier to know that Universal Studios Florida will be the place to be! Wow, that only gets me a rush of adrenaline, geeky heart attack!

Ok, if that EVER HAPPENS, how would you feel walking into Hobbiton....those grassy awesome prairies....and see the doors to Sam, Merry, Pippin...until you reach to Frodo himself. entering and see that fireplace where probably he would have been cooking a nice stew, or seeing the book with the amazing travels of Bilbo and then if you sift thru the pages you find Frodo's story...oh, that is some geeky awesomeness right there! Going to the dark realm of Mordor, where you could find Sauron himself, Gollum, and the mage Saruman, and others...Who would have like to go to the Elf's land and see the beautiful stunning Galadriel, perhaps seeing the elf prince Legolas; or the land of men with Aragorn the Ranger, until you can see Gandalf himself, oh my, that is some geek adventures i wanna have....the more and more you can think of the different possibilities the more your geeky love for this series grows. Plus it is something that can be extended, since you have the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and even there's another seldom known book by Tolkien named The Silmarillion.

Can't wait what the future is for this amazing Estate. This one has more geek fans than even Harry Potter, and the films have brought more light into the books and has expanded the fan base. To some, The Lord of the Rings fans are as dedicated as the ones StarWars, we'll see if this develops, let's hope it does! Everything that can make people be drawn to books and to the enjoyment thru the awesome theme parks, is good in my eyes!