Friday, January 11, 2013


Barad-dur in Universal Orlando
You know all about my geeky side. I am nuts about Starwars! You recognized me as the guy who will scream every time StarWars Weekend comes to Disney. I have my autograph copy of Jeremy Bullock, aka Boba Fett, locked down for my eyes only!

Anyways, i was in my computer and one friend said "Jedi friend, do you know the news!"...ok, when he says that it is because i have to sit down because it is going to be a stunner!

Well, I am sitting down....and then i told him "Sith, tell me the news!" "Universal is CLOSE, very strongly close to negotiating a deal of the Tolkiens stable of books"...he let out a pause....inside my mind was like having a me...perhaps, i am dreaming too much. However, since this is all speculations, and we heard that term too often, meaning "it could happen, but it could all find a scratching demised as well" So, until the real news are announced, file this as "News you Truly really want to happen"!

But, if it happens, thank Mr. Peter Jackson for bringing us the most awesome of properties into the limelight. Remember his remake King Kong, that was an Universal production, and he had a great relation with them...he produced and filmed the HD 360-degree ride that is in Universal Studios Hollywood. If the news are correct and they get this huge property, could you imagine the impact. And from what the RUMOR MILL says is right, you cannot be more happier to know that Universal Studios Florida will be the place to be! Wow, that only gets me a rush of adrenaline, geeky heart attack!

Ok, if that EVER HAPPENS, how would you feel walking into Hobbiton....those grassy awesome prairies....and see the doors to Sam, Merry, Pippin...until you reach to Frodo himself. entering and see that fireplace where probably he would have been cooking a nice stew, or seeing the book with the amazing travels of Bilbo and then if you sift thru the pages you find Frodo's story...oh, that is some geeky awesomeness right there! Going to the dark realm of Mordor, where you could find Sauron himself, Gollum, and the mage Saruman, and others...Who would have like to go to the Elf's land and see the beautiful stunning Galadriel, perhaps seeing the elf prince Legolas; or the land of men with Aragorn the Ranger, until you can see Gandalf himself, oh my, that is some geek adventures i wanna have....the more and more you can think of the different possibilities the more your geeky love for this series grows. Plus it is something that can be extended, since you have the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and even there's another seldom known book by Tolkien named The Silmarillion.

Can't wait what the future is for this amazing Estate. This one has more geek fans than even Harry Potter, and the films have brought more light into the books and has expanded the fan base. To some, The Lord of the Rings fans are as dedicated as the ones StarWars, we'll see if this develops, let's hope it does! Everything that can make people be drawn to books and to the enjoyment thru the awesome theme parks, is good in my eyes!

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