Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Disney NFC technology
You have heard that there's new technology that is getting more and more accessible to the people in general thru their phone's NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. probably, you been wondering how some people put their phone in the base of a little extension on the credit card machine and get their fries with shakes paid. easy, no time consuming and they don't have to physically use their credit card. Well, that's the advancement of technology!

Now, Walt Disney World is trying to use a similar technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). it is part of their Next-Gen type of technological advancements to make the experience less trafficked when heading to the theme park. Thru the use of the Disney's MagicBand which are an optional thing you can get at MyMagic+, you can create your own magic.

The MyMagic+ is like your personal profile, which you include personal information, and all the different rides you like and things you are interested in the entire Disney area, then with the MagicBand, you get your entrance and your FastPass allowing you to bypassed the many of the masses that does not have this technology. of course, all this is prototype and being tested as we speak.

However, many are getting concerned about what type of information will be included and how that information will be use. with privacy concerns being an issue, specially with parents of little ones, many are expressing their voices, and that has reach Congress. U.S. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass) has sent a letter to Disney CEO Bob Iger asking about how they are planning on using this information and at the same time to quench a little the possible public outcry in regards to this type of technology.

Disney is and will continue to be a company that their main target are families and their little ones. As that, they have built up their empire with people trusting them in regards to personal information, specially when you are staying in their theme park's resorts. That is why lawmakers wanna make sure that since we are talking about a new technology with many benefits, they want to hear what type of security the information will have, to avoid any crazy people getting their hands on that.

This new technology if implemented fully by Disney will have many awesome experiences. Think about this, you include your profile and the system tracks down your favorite rides and also how many purchases you made, and that you like Donald Duck. Every little thing is Donald Duck. So, you check-in at your hotel and call to make the arrangements for a wake-up call, but you forgot to tell them you want Donald...well, guess what! with this new technology, you don't need to cause the system knows you well and you will get your wake up call from Donald Duck! or send you an email saying "hey! there's a nice shirt in the Emporium with Donald that you surely will love!" neat all that will be, right!

And that is the wonderful new technological advancements that Disney is prepping for everyone and the guest staying in Disney property...Let's see how it happens and how awesome looks cause Disney is moving ahead once again from the pack!

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