Monday, March 18, 2013

Freshwater Oasis and SeaVenture

They have released a new attraction at Discovery Cove recently, adding more value to the day package. Freshwater Oasis is a awesome new area, letting guest get face to face encounters with playful Asian small clawed otters. You are only separated by a plexi-glass from the 5 otters that call Discovery Cove home. They can play in the water or up on the new personal piece if land named "Primate Island". Primate Island is named after the 9 small Marmoset monkeys that inhabit there. Only growing to a full pound threw out life, they are the smallest of monkeys and have no swimming capability . The monkeys can be seen relaxing curiously in the trees, they are known to not be bothered much by humans. This attraction is included in the Resort Day with discovery cove and the price depends on time of year and availability.
SeaVenture Suits
If you are looking to do something a little extra at Discovery Cove but do not want to swim with dolphins, they are now offering a new experience called SeaVenture. This underwater walking tour takes you in the Grand Reef with a dive helmet.This dive helmet is described as being incredibly simple to use, just set the helmet over your head and breathe like normal. It has a feed that will supply you with fresh air at all times. You will step eye to eye with mysterious sharks, velvet sting rays and plenty of beautiful colorful fish with no SCUBA certification necessary. You will feel right at home under the sea! SeaVenture has been described as walking on the moon surrounded by fish! The tour ends with a feeding session of fish schools with the reef all around you. This is a 25 min tour and cost $59 per person. You must be 10 years old to participate and 14 year old need a paying adult present. Discovery Cove does have some medical or physical requirements that make SeaVenture inadvisable.