Thursday, April 18, 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment coming to Orlando

Get ready fans for the most exciting entertainment of all time,  World Wrestling Entertainment is coming to Orlando.  Projected to create a plethora of jobs, one of the biggest promoters of events plans to build a training center in East Orange County.

The development dubbed Project Flair, proposes a training facility to train wrestlers for its live broadcast.  The WWE project could have chose any location to build its new facility but instead chose the SunShine state demonstrating that Florida creates jobs boasted Rick Scott.

New positions may include training wrestlers, sports-medicine professionals and TV-production. Thursday official announcement may be attended by  Mayor Teresa Jacobs,  Full Sail President Garry Jones, and WWE Executive Vice President Paul Levesque,  A.K.A  "Triple H."

Headed by the world renown mogul Vince McMahon CEO, WWE  has sponsored some of the biggest events in Orlando. In 2008, Orlando Florida's Citrus Bowl hosted the one-time event Wrestle Mania 24 with more than 70,000 fans in attendance.  Fans were elated when WWE returned to The Amway Center in 2010  featuring its spectacular event WWE Raw and two years later WWE Smackdown.

It appears that WWE intends  to expand its operation after its successful partnership with Florida's Full Sail college that offers advanced degrees in graphic arts, entertainment, and media.  To date, WWE has promoted Super Stars and Divas in 45 episode of  NXT.  Blending both sports and drama is absolutely brilliant according to critics in show business.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando

This summer the biggest thing coming to Central Florida is Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando. Antarctica is what they are calling a Mega Expansion to the theme park, the largest addition the park has ever done. In fact, SeaWorld is so excited about the new addition that they have been traveling around the country promoting its opening in every major city! The design of this expansion is so in depth and immersive that the new section of the park is being called a realm. With an all new adventure, a restaurant and more interactive experiences this is going to be the biggest thing to hit Orlando since New Fantasyland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The opening date for this great attraction is May 24th, so don’t miss it!

Some of the amazing work being done at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
So what exactly makes Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin so special? The new realm will include an all new ride; complete with a state of the art car that will let you customize and control your experience and control your exploration of Antarctica. In fact, we have been told that the ride will let those with small children or less of an interest in the wild encounters take a softer tour of the area, while thrill seekers can take a more intense route through the attraction. This ride is an exhilarating experience as you see the South Pole through the eyes of one special penguin.

The new attraction will be visible from most of the park as the thirty five foot tall rock formation of a mother penguin and its chick peeks its head above the towering ice that surrounds the new expansion. As you step through one of the two entry ways to the realm you will feel like you have been transported to Antarctica itself. With massive ice shelves surrounding you, dripping icicles and even a floor that resembles melting ice you will be completely submerged in this artificial environment. In the past the closest you could get to penguins was from behind a thick glass. Now you will be able to step into their freezing world and walk among them.

Check out the sizes of every specie of penguin in the world!
SeaWorld is also introducing an all new dining experience, with both outdoor and indoor seating this will add to the list of available dining options during your visit. You can dine among the ice glaciers or inside one of the research huts, and right next door you can see how you measure up in size to every specie of penguin on the planet via a wall of actual sized replicas. Grab your food from the research station and enjoy a meal in Antarctica.

With so much more to see and do even seasoned park goers will find this to be a refreshing experience. Get read May 24th for this exciting new adventure to open!