Monday, May 6, 2013

Busch Gardens announces 3 newborn Malayan Tiger Cubs

Malayan Tiger Cub
As part of the endangered wildlife species program, Busch Gardens sponsored the delivery of 3 newborn Malayan Tiger Cubs two males and one female on March 31.

According to the (ICUN), under 1,000 tigers live in the wild due to projects that threaten their natural habitat .

This endangered species thrives in the southern parts of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.  Scientists have warned of a slowing trend for the once thriving Malayan Tiger years ago.

Malayan tigers require various species of wild animals to continue to thrive in the wild. Their diet may include but not limited to serow pigs, Bornean bearded pigs, wild boar, barking,  and sambar deer.

As the Malayan tiger nears extinction, the wild boar population create a serious problem for crops and plantations.  In the rainforest, there are some 1.98 tigers per 100 km2  due to low prey population.  To increase  the tiger population, a minimum of six breeding females need to occupy a reserve larger than  1000 km2.

The two newborns  are offspring of  their resident tigers Bzui, and Mata and a are being monitored by the Busch Gardens animal care team.. Animal trainers will be excited to introduce the cubs into the Jungala area for shortly.

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