Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney's all-new Festival of Fantasy Parade to debut in 2014

Disney World's Festival of Fantasy Parade

Since the 1940's, victory parades were the most common forms of celebration since WWI.  For the last decade,  Disney has continued the tradition while showcasing its beloved characters in a blissful party atmosphere.

All new character lineup for 2014

For the last 4 years, The Magic Kingdom featured the Disney Dreams Come True parade that embraced the theme "What will You Celebrate?"

Since the debut of The New Fantasyland, Disney has added some new names to its stable of characters that will participate in the parade.  First time ever, Disney will present its all-new Festival of Fantasy Parade that will debut in 2014..

The collection of characters and floats will originate from both new and old areas of Magic Kingdom. Park enthusiasts can expect bigger than life characters such as Pinocchio, and Rapunzel & Flynn, release two years ago.   Enthusiasts can anticipate an entirely new makeover of the previous years parades.  Brand new sights and sounds will fill the air including new costumes,  sound tracks, floats, and much more.
To be unveiled in 2014, the all-new daytime production will be vie for position up Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  Instead of meandering through the new expansion of the "Lost Fanstasyland", but  will maintain the traditional Magic Kingdom route.

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