Saturday, June 15, 2013

With an upredictable economy and soaring gas prices, some think that the new eco-friendly vehicles designed by Aptera, appears more plausible each day.

With some wings, this design would not be much different from a small Cessna.  Albeit Aptera Motors failed to get this vehicle off the ground, the new owner Richard Derringer
has put in place a plan to build this vehicle in the United States.

Initially, the new innovative aerodynamic composite chassis would have been built in China, but various hurdles created delays for the car's introduction   Deringer has established a 2nd company entitled Aptera USA that will manufacture the 3e model in the United States.

Aptera USA plans on rolling out the gasoline version 2g model with a target fuel economy of 100 mpg.  In addition, Aptera has boldy announced a battery-powered version of the Aptera that will  squeeze out fuel economy of 200mpg.

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